Wow! What A Great Deal on Hardwood Flooring

Posted on Mar 4th 2010 by David — Comments ↓

It always amazes me when a customer walks out of the store excited about the great deal they just received. Gina Bonner came to our store looking for solid hardwood. She had a small project about 300 square feet and had been looking for about six months. With most people feeling the economic crunch she was looking to save as much as possible. She went straight to the Solid Hardwood aisle and after looking at 30+ styles she had made her choice. We had just purchased a 60,000 Square Feet of Solid Hardwood Flooring that was a closeout from a major name brand supplier and she could not believe the deals.

She looked at me and said, "I cannot believe how beautiful this floor is. I have been to home stores, flooring retailers, online and have not found flooring that looked and felt so good that was so cheap. You have so many choices and I can take it home today. How is this even possible?"

I just smiled. Every time I here that phrase I just start laughing. We spend hours comparing pricing, calling suppliers and negotiating to find the best deals and that phrase makes it all worth it. If you have been shopping for flooring stop by and give me the opportunity to start laughing.

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