Answering Your Questions About Vinyl Warranties

Answering Your Questions About Vinyl Warranties

Lately we’ve received multiple questions about installing vinyl flooring in some nonstandard locations. This is great for a couple of reasons: one, it shows our amazing readers thinking outside the box in terms of what they can do with their flooring, and two, it gives us a chance to look at some important things to consider when you’re shopping for any type of flooring material.

Our first question came from Kathy P., who commented on our Waterproof Vinyl Flooring vs. Cat Pee post and asked:  

What about installing this product in an RV? We are considering our options and I ran across this post. We have been considering the pros and cons of the grip strip type and the click lock, but this product is intriguing.

  There’s no question that vinyl, especially vinyl that’s designed for heavy traffic, would work well in an RV’s on the go lifestyle. Vinyl is waterproof and resistant to impact, staining, scratching, and wear. It’s available in a wide range of colors and styles to compliment any décor plan. There’s only one caveat: the warranty.


Warranties are great for offering peace of mind and adding an extra layer of confidence to your purchase. Warranties do have their limits, though, and installing a floor outside of a temperature-controlled area will void it. Vinyl is known to be a floor that’s only minimally affected by normal interior temperature fluctuations, that is, in a normal home. Ever sat in a hot car on a bright summer day? Then you know what kind of effect heat can have. Much like burning your keister or baking cookies on your dashboard (yes, it’s happened), when it gets hot, things get…weird.

Our second question comes from Joan R., who commented on our Luxury Sheet Vinyl: New For July 2015 post and asked:  

I want to put vinyl flooring on my screen porch over deck type flooring. Will resilient vinyl work for me?


Resilient sheet vinyl would definitely work on a screen porch, but due to the lack of climate control in that environment, the same warranty issue arises. Aside from a voided warranty, it would be wise to make sure your deck is smooth without any gaps between the planks. Think of your deck like a subfloor: you want it to be as level as possible.

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