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Gray Tone Laminate Flooring

Gray laminate flooring (what our European friends call Grey laminate flooring) falls into the modern category of laminates. Laminate was invented to replicate real wood flooring, and even over 20 years later, that's still its main style. This means that your genuine gray laminates will most likely resemble stone - a tile or ceramic look. Wood look gray flooring will be more grayish with an accent leaning toward a natural color, which could work really well in certain situations. These will pop out as more brown on this page, but in context with more direct wood styles can be seen as having a gray wash over them. Gray laminate wood flooring is going to make almost any color in the room pop out more. Check out our Room Scene Designer with a gray floor in place then swap it out with more standard colors, and you'll see what we mean. ...Read More
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