Shipping & Pick Up

Shipping & Pick Up

Our goal at Floors To Your is to make purchasing a floor EASY & AFFORDABLE.

That is the reason we offer NO-HASSEL SHIPPING on  the products we sell.


We may offer promotions advertising FREE SHIPPING on certain products. In every case, a minimum amount of cartons always applies, and shipping is pro-rated until that amount is reached.  What that means is that if you only buy half the required carton amount, you'll only pay half of the shipping.  If you get 75% of the required amount, you'll only pay 25% of the shipping.  Basically, it pro-rates until it is free.

If FREE SHIPPING is offered on a product, we will arrange the shipment of the flooring directly to the customer’s home, free of any shipping or handling charges. Be aware that the products that have free shipping are always clearly marked FREE SHIPPING. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions in regards to what products have free shipping. Also, if accessories are added to the order, such as installation kits, the freight on those may be prorated.

1.  Currently we ship to the continental U.S..  

2.  You may always call us during normal business hours for a no obligation shipping quote. 

3.  You can also go online through our check out process and calculate a shipping quote there.  Only click CHECK-OUT when you are ready to confirm your total order.

4. When your order arrives, you want to be sure the quantities match what you ordered.  To guarantee customer satisfaction, please make note of the following when you receive your order.

  • •  All deliveries are curbside. The driver is only allowed to unload to the curbside and is not allowed to enter your home. Your order will be delivered curbside even if you are not present.
  • •  If they are not able to deliver, the material will go back to the terminal, and the trucking company will probably charge you extra storage fees.
  • •  Visually inspect the entire shipment  when it arrives. If any merchandise is found to have been damaged on the truck, note the damage.  Keep and store any damaged product until your claim is resolved.
  • •  Inspect your whole shipment. If you find any other damage or shortages, communicate that to us within 24 hours of delivery. The order confirmation email you receive from us will list all the materials and quantities you ordered.  If Floors To Your Home did not commit an error, but you decide to return the material to us, then you would be responsible for the shipping costs. 
    To see what your delivery process should look like, please watch this 2 1/2 minute video. It’s really helpful.
  • •  Once your material is unloaded, it is recommended that you store the flooring in the location where it is to be installed. Your product's documentation will specify how many days are best. This will allow the product to acclimate to the temperature and air conditions of the area.
  • •  You also have the option of picking up your merchandise at the truck terminal.  Please call us and we will give you more information of how to do that and the savings you would incur.


If you would rather pick up your merchandise, you can do so at our locations in greater Indianapolis, Indiana.  We do not charge any pick up fees.

Please call us if you need directions for your pick up.

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