5 Reasons to Consider Bamboo Flooring

5 Reasons to Consider Bamboo Flooring

A lot of people neglect to consider bamboo flooring when it’s truly a viable option to consider.  Here are 5 great reasons to consider bamboo flooring in your home:

  1. Environmentally Friendly. Most people don’t know that bamboo flooring is actually grass instead of wood.  As a sustainable plant, it can be grown and harvested in a few years without destroying the plant. 

    Also, because of its sustainability, it doesn’t require refinishing nearly as often as regular hardwood flooring, which helps cut back on chemicals used.

  2. Durable. Bamboo is surprisingly harder than many hardwood flooring.  But its hardness isn’t like a regular floor.  Rather, the floor has a give to it (similar to a trampoline) that allows objects to sustain less impact when hitting the floor.
  3. Water Resistant. Being resistant to water and moisture, bamboo flooring is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where regular hardwood flooring is usually avoided.
  4. Easy to Clean. Bamboo floors aren’t any easier to clean than regular hardwood flooring, but is still significantly easier to clean compared to carpet.  Instead of needing a vacuum, a simple dust mop can be used to clean the floor.
  5. Beautiful. Bamboo is very aesthetically pleasing compared to many hardwood floors because of its uniqueness.  Also, bamboo comes in many different colors which allows for the creative designer to match the flooring with the rest of the room.

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