5 Ways To Keep Your Floors Clean With Kids

5 Ways To Keep Your Floors Clean With Kids

(Recently my good friend over at Jorgenson Industrial suggested I write a blog post about floors and kids. The idea took root and…voila! Here we are.)     

There are few certainties in life: death, taxes, and the never-ending cycle of trying to keep your floors neat. Throw in complications like pets and children, and whoo boy, your floors can go from clean to chaos in no time flat.     

It’s no secret that kids are messy. That’s not a character flaw or a condemnation, it’s just a reality. Whether it’s throwing food, tracking in mud from outside, finger painting, 52 Pickup, or even a glitter bomb, family life is never dull! Keeping your floors clean around a busy family is a challenge, but it is doable. Let’s look at five techniques you can use to keep your floors clean and sanitary:

Do Regular Checkups. Take a lap around your home and perform small tasks as you go. You don’t have to do a deep clean, but you can wipe up that hairball and pick up that hat.

Give Everything A Place. Those socks don’t belong on the floor, they belong in the drawer! Giving things their place and sticking to it will help keep your house clean by cutting down on clutter.

Keep Shoes Out. Shoes track a myriad of dirt and debris throughout your home. By taking your shoes off in the mudroom or entrance way and having your kids do the same, you’ll cut down right away on the weird stuff that gets unintentionally brought in your house.  

Make It A Game. Encourage a little bit of healthy competition by making cleaning into a game! Who can pick up the most toys off the floor? Who can make up the best song? Who can do the best dance moves while sweeping? This is easily customizable depending on time, family size, your kids’ personalities, etc.    

Make Designated Eating Areas. This is frequently easier said than done, but try to keep your kids’ meals and snacks limited to your kitchen. That way crumbs, spills, sticky fingers, and food particles are more limited to areas designed to handle them. Besides…do you really want to find the moldy months-old ant magnet Cookie Formerly Known As Oreo behind your couch? I didn’t think so.   Folks with kids, what tips do you have to keep your floors clean? Share your advice in the comments!

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