Guest Post – Laminate Flooring Benefits for an Ever Changing Guest Bedroom

Guest Post – Laminate Flooring Benefits for an Ever Changing Guest Bedroom

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Laminate is considered one of the most practical and attractive alternatives to carpet, mainly because of its many advantages. When a guest walks into the room they will be staying in, the first thing they often see and feel is underfoot - the floor. Guest bedroom flooring needs to be easy to keep clean, durable, attractive and versatile; what could be more perfect than laminate flooring?! Here are some of the many benefits laminate flooring has to offer and why it has exploded in to popularity in the modern home.  

Last Minute Mop-Ups

Guests can appear at any time, from anywhere, desperately needing a place to lay their head at the last minute. You know how it is, one too many drinks at Christmas and your guests can’t drive home! This is where the beauty of a laminate flooring flourishes. Unlike carpet, laminate flooring does not harbour dust, dirt, grime or spills, making them very easy to quickly wipe or sweep. Once your guests arrive, you needn’t worry about stains and pet hairs clinging to your carpet. Instead, you will find yourself giving the floor a swift sweep, leaving the room spotless, fresh and ready for your next visitor.

The More, The Merrier

So, there are a few too many guests and you’ve realised you’re going to have to re-jig the bedroom furniture. Laminate flooring is great for rooms which need to be versatile. For instance, if you need to shuffle the bedroom furniture to fit in a few more bodies, then go ahead. Dissimilar to a carpet, a laminate floor will not leave you with those unsightly carpet dints from furniture legs, or a dusty shadow from the moved bed. You can also easily slide furniture into place (not too far as you don’t want to create scratches!). For instance, if you need to push the bed back a few instances it should glide easily, whereas furniture tends to cling on to carpets for dear life! Laminate flooring will retain its shape and make it much easier for furniture to be moved around the room.

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One Room, Multiple Purposes

If your guests aren’t frequent visitors then why abandon that room all year long? Transforming a room can be difficult, not to mention expensive. A laminate floor however, can make this a lot less time consuming. Due to its versatile, natural and neutral colour scheme, a laminate floor would allow you to alter a guest bedroom into an office, for example. Blending into different colour schemes can be very difficult, but a laminate flooring’s flexible temperament makes this change very simple, straight forward and perfect for adapting a room to its needs.

Guests and Their Needs

Different guests will have different requirements when staying at your home. From personal experience, I have found that laminate flooring (fitted throughout my house) can help with allergy problems. Laminate and its ability to leave dust and pet hairs un-trapped will give a refreshing relief that any guest or family member will have a relaxing allergy free stay in your home. Simply give it a quick vacuuming over before they come and on a regular basis to keep the dust at bay. Some carpets in particular have caused my allergies to flare up badly. If you have a regular child visitor such as a niece/nephew or grandchild who suffers from pet hair or dust allergies then I recommend laminate flooring simply because it alleviated my symptoms so much!

Flexibility is what you will be looking for when designing a guest bedroom. The easy clean abilities and versatile nature of laminate flooring makes it perfect for both you and your guests! Have a look at Floors to your Home’s collection and find a shade which suits your home!

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Stephanie Staszko is a blogger and laminate flooring lover! She usually writes blogs on practical bathroom decorating and accessorising advice over at Bathshop321. She recommends dropping by if you’re looking to kit out an en-suite guest bathroom, the cloakroom suites on offer are ideal for smaller bathrooms and en-suites.    


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