What Is The Eastridge Finish Warranty?

What Is The Eastridge Finish Warranty?

Recently we've gotten some questions about our Eastridge hardwood flooring products. We've done our best to put them all together in one handy dandy blog post to tell you everything you need to know. Read on:  

What is Eastridge Hardwood Flooring?

Each floor model in the Eastridge line is made on the same lines with the same materials as their First Quality counterparts. Eastridge products are selected out during the manufacturing products due to natural hardwood characteristics that come directly from the trees themselves. These characteristics include mineral streaks, knots, and grain variations. In addition, Eastridge products may have manufacturing anomalies like color variations, edge defects, shorter planks, and uneven finish.  

I Thought Cabin Grade Flooring Doesn’t Include A Warranty?

Often Cabin Grade floors don’t come with warranties. This is one of the things that make Eastridge stand out from the crowd, though: it’s Cabin Grade flooring that’s backed by a five-year manufacturer’s finish warranty.

That’s right: a manufacturer’s warranty. This major flooring manufacturer believes in their Eastridge products, so they decided to stand behind them with a finish warranty.  

What Does A Finish Warranty Cover?

Unique Wood Floors summed it up perfectly:

“The finish warranty usually guarantees the finish won’t wear through to bare wood or separate from the wood over the designated warranty period.”

In other words, the finish warranty is more self-explanatory than it seems. It covers the floor’s finish and warrants that said finish will not wear through or peel off of the hardwood flooring under normal residential usage conditions when the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions are followed. Our Eastridge hardwood floors come with a five-year manufacturer’s finish warranty.  

Does This Mean Each Plank Will Look Perfect?

No. You’re still purchasing Cabin Grade flooring, so expect those same characteristics and imperfections and plan for the standard 15-20% extra when calculating how much material to buy. You can learn everything you need to know about  Cabin Grade flooring here.  

Should I Be Nervous About Buying An Eastridge Floor?

Absolutely not! Eastridge hardwoods are great products at incredible prices. We recommend reading up on Cabin Grade hardwood and looking at your flooring needs while you decide if Eastridge is right for you; as always our Flooring Experts are standing by to answer your questions. Just call 1-800-804-5251 or click on FloorsToYourHome.com to chat with them, and they’ll help you find the floor of your dreams at an unbeatable discount price.


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