5 Easy Ways To Use Your Hardwood Flooring Scraps

5 Easy Ways To Use Your Hardwood Flooring Scraps

Disposing of an old floor doesn't have to mean throwing away the wood. Here are some amazing ways to reuse the material and give it new life in the process.

Design An Accent Wall

Accent walls instantly create a unique focal point in any room. If you have enough still-viable pieces of flooring material, why not spruce up your space with a low-cost and high-style upcycle project?

Build Some Custom Shelves

Instead of springing for expensive bespoke shelving, why not make your own? Pinterest and Etsy are full of cute and quirky reclaimed wood shelving in all manner of shapes, from the classic square to the modern hexagon and everything in between. This is a great way for new DIY-ers to get their feet wet and make something neat in the process.

Make Art

Forget canvas: try old wood! What better time to experiment with a new medium than when you've got a pile of would-be (or wood-be) scrap? At worst, it doesn't work; at best, you get a unique one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Donate It To Charity

Do good while you're redoing your home! Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and their Habitat ReStores accept a wide variety of home materials, including hardwood and tile flooring. Per their website,

"Look for clean, undamaged wood flooring with no visible nails and screws."

If there's not a Habitat ReStore near you, check out a local salvage yard and see what they accept. You may help some get a beautiful floor like our customer below.

Use The Scraps In Construction Projects

This Old House offers a couple of great suggestions for re-using scraps, like as wallpaper smoothing tools and flat edges to level out soil or sand.

How do you reuse your old flooring material? Let us know!