How To Define Your Decor With Hardwood

How To Define Your Decor With Hardwood

First of all, let us offer our sincerest congratulations on your new hardwood floor! Whether you chose solid or engineered, you’ve made a great investment in a quality material that never goes out of style. So, how do you help your hardwood stand out and integrate into your home while retaining the room’s unique flair? We’ve got a few tips to remove the intimidation factor and give you some quick and easy tips on how to define your interior design style with hardwood flooring.  

Switch It Up

There is no edict, no rule, no law of the land that says your woods have to match! Quite the contrary, in fact: modern design dives right in and mixes stains, species, textures, and finishes for a look that reflects a lifetime. You and your style evolve over time. Let your flooring show that.   Mixed colors & materials from Vered Rosen Design.

Go Natural

Natural light is great for so many reasons. Nothing brings out the beauty in organic materials like natural light, but did you know that long-term exposure to natural light can gradually change your wood’s color? No, not like a fading dye job or washed out posters; rather they age like fine wine. This is a very desirable trait! Different species age in different ways. Some, like oak and maple, tend to show much less color change over time, while American cherry and most imported exotic woods can undergo a very noticeable change. Here's an example of how your wood might age:


Opposites Attract

Embrace the contrast of light and dark in your interior design play for a look that never fails to catch the eye. Both light and dark are valued for their optical abilities and both can have a real effect on your room. It’s a great way to do a lot with a little.

If you’ve got dark floors, you can brighten up your room with a lighter wall color (anything from a pastel to a neutral or even classic white will do the trick here – it’s up to you) and lighter-toned décor pieces like area rugs and furniture pieces.    

Embrace Neutrality

Think of neutrals like the foundation pieces for your wardrobe, like your favorite black blazer that can go casual with jeans or professional with a collared shirt. Neutral floors are an ideal building block for any color pallet. Bright accents and eye-catching textures get to do their thing without being overshadowed by a bright floor.

How have you decorated to show off your hardwood floors? Let us know!

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