To Gloss Or Not To Gloss?

To Gloss Or Not To Gloss?

It’s natural to want to customize your living space. Your home should be a proud reflection of your personality, a bastion of comfort you can be proud of. It’s just as natural to want to safeguard a long-term home investment like a new floor with a protective coating. However, it’s important to research and assess all of your options before rushing into anything.

We were recently asked about this by a customer who wanted to add a high-gloss finish to their floors:

Hayley: Hello! Is there anything I can help you find today?

Customer: Yes. I just had vinyl planks put down in my house. It is very dull. Can I put high gloss polythene on my new floor to give it a high gloss finish?

Hayley: We don’t recommend putting gloss or sealer on top of our vinyl floors.

Customer: Why?

Hayley: The manufacturer does not recommend it.

Customer: What about a high gloss wax?

Hayley: The manufacturer does not recommend any type of sealer or wax on top of these floors, as they are already finished products.

Adding a coating like polythene to a pre-finished floor could severely damage the floor’s original finish, adding unnecessary cost, strain and worry, and in the immortal words of a certain viral video, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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