Creating a timeless look in your home

Creating a timeless look in your home

Neutral colored walls

Neutral colored wall.

Regular décor changes are not within the reach of most people so timeless styles are becoming very popular. Well-chosen furniture and features such as a laminate floor means that you can get a look that will last for years

If you take a look at other people’s houses you may have noticed that there are many who have decorated their rooms according to the latest trends by installing white or black laminate floors. The downside to this is that once the trend has passed, the house will look dated and will need a bit of work to bring it back into fashion.

Not everyone wants to be decorating every couple of years, so the trick is to create a timeless appeal within the home that can be maintained with very little work until you are really ready to change it. Every aspect of the home can be given a timeless feel but you should not worry that it may become impersonal – personal touches can be added in the form of accessories in each room.

• The décor is the main issue in creating a timeless look. Luckily, neutral colours for walls have been the trend for some time now and this is one trend that can be turned to your advantage. Painting the entire

walls magnolia may not sound too appealing but it is something that is very easy to do and it will not really go out of style. The neutral colour will mean that it does not draw the focus and will simply serve as a background that is easy on the eye.     Trendy Sofa

• Then the furniture is the next consideration. On-trend sofas (like the one pictured above) and other pieces will soon go out of style. Opting for a classic leather sofa or a fabric sofa with a hard wearing material in a neutral colour may be the best way to go. Keeping it neutral will also give more flexibility for other items in the room.

The flooring brings out the furnishings

• When choosing furniture such as sideboards, coffee tables and wall units, real wood is a good choice. Well-built furniture is designed to look good for many years and choosing items with simple lines makes it less likely that they will go out of fashion. If at all possible avoid furniture which has been made with materials designed to look like wood. These do not last as well and will soon show the signs of wear and tear.

• Floor coverings are also an important issue. Even the most neutral of carpets will show wear and tear within just a year so the obvious solution is to use laminate flooring instead. This is not as expensive as natural wood flooring and some laminate options do look like real wood, so the same effect can be achieved. When properly cared for, this type of floor covering can last a decade or more.

A well accesorized room.

A well accesorized room.

• Accessories are the best way to add a more personal touch. By giving a touch of colour with curtains, throws, rugs and cushion covers, it is easy to give the room a new look in very little time and for very little money. If you want purple during the winter and a pastel shade in the summer it takes no time at all. A number of home ware manufacturers also now produce matching ranges of items like this so finding everything in the right shade has never been easier.

Considering the expense of giving your home a timeless look is important. It cannot be done for free but it can often be done on a fairly tight budget. The popularity of wood furniture for example, means that this can now be picked up for a very low rate as more and more manufacturers are producing it. Cheap laminate flooring is now far better quality than it used to be and can be found at many budget stores.

These principles can be applied to every room in the house and keeping the overall look simple and uncluttered will help a great deal. Look at each room and plan how it can be given the timeless quality you want and visit Floors To Your Home in the US, or visit Floors Direct for laminate flooring in the UK for your bargain flooring options.

A writer for Floors Direct put this piece together for us.