What are the Supreme Click Laminate Floor Series

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This is our private label laminate flooring, made to our specifications by manufacturers we have found to be reputable.   We have a few series under the brand name of Supreme Click, and I wanted to sort them out for you so if you know what you're after, you know where to start clicking.  

Three 12mm, High Gloss Laminate Floors

12mm (actually 12.3mm) is the thickest size in which laminate floors are made. You may see some listed as being 14.3mm thick. This is because they have 2mm of padding attached to the bottom of each board, and that has been included in the thickness of the whole product. The thicker a floor is, the warmer, and usually the quieter as well. The amount of padding you can have under the flooring also increases as the laminate's own thickness does. They are more expensive than thinner floors, but because of the prices we are already able to set the majority of our Supreme Click floors are 12mm thick. Looks like it sounds!   High Gloss means just what it sounds like, that the floors have a nice, flat, shiny surface. While they may have beveled edges where the planks meet, the rest of the surface will be flat. We haven't yet seen a textured laminate surface that is also high gloss (but you never say never in flooring).   The same on top...

The Timeless Elegance Series

always has: 12mm to 12.3mm of plank thickness High Gloss surfaces Pad attached, 2mm to the backs of each board. This makes installation easier. You may still need a moisture barrier if you're putting the floor over a concrete subfloor, but you still have one less thing to roll out and have to cut to accommodate protrusions.          

The Grand Elegance Series

It is the same flooring as the Timeless Elegance with one exception. It always has: 12mm to 12.3mm of plank thickness High Gloss surfaces No pad attached. Why do that, isn't attached pad more convenient? Sure, it definitely is, but you might want to have more padding, or a different kind of pad under the laminate. The usual maximum allowed for padding is 4-5mm, so if you already have 2mm attached, your options for additional or other padding are very limited. Grand Elegance is ideal for those who would like to have a premium felt pad, or rubber padding under the flooring to add or increase qualities they want to have because it allows for anything you would want to buy.

...different on the bottoms of the planks.

The Majestic Elegance Series

Here we have the same flooring as the Timeless and Grand Elegances with one new quality. These always have: 12mm to 12.3mm of plank thickness High Gloss surfaces Pad attached, or pad sent separately (like the Grand).

And they are wide. Where most laminate floors run very close to 4 feet long by 5 inches wide, Majestic Elegance floors start at 6.25" of width. The main focus of this is aesthetic. If you like it, odds are it will be because of how it looks. An additional benefit is that to get across the room you'll have fewer planks to install, so that process can be easier. Majestic Elegance is always extra wide

Our 12mm, 'Matte' (or Low Gloss) Laminate Floor

The Cumberland Falls Series

Once again we have a 12mm floor, essentially the same as the Timeless and Grand Elegance series in that these can come either with or without pad attached, but this time the surface is not high gloss. Not everyone wants to see their reflections in their floors, so we carry laminates with what is called, just as it is with wall paint, 'matte' finishes. This is where you'll find your rustic looking floors, as well as special texturing like hand-scraped, distressed and embossed surfaces. Generally the Cumberland Falls floors will come in normal widths and lengths, four feet by five inches. Cumberland Falls always has a matte finish, never high gloss.

Our 8mm Laminate Floor

The Classic Series

Supreme Click Classic can be wide or standard width, high gloss or matte, and can come with or without padding. The distinctive is that it is always an 8mm thick floor.

[caption id="attachment_5534" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Supreme Click Classic is a thinner, less expensive option.[/caption]

Anything Else

''Supreme Click''

This is an entry in the filters on the left side of our category pages. So we have the Supreme Click line of Supreme Click? Not really, it just covers any floor in our brand that doesn't fit into any of the five series above. It may be 10mm thick, or especially long, that kind of thing.


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