Top 10 Greatest “Hits”

Posted on Jun 3rd 2012 by David — Comments ↓

Our second of two Frank's Lost Blogs posts, dug up from the Unpublished Archives.

We’ve all been there.  You forget that the floor was just mopped and BAM.  You’re flat on your back.  If you’re lucky, you can turn your misfortune into some money from America’s Funniest Home Videos.  The rest of you need to just brush it off and enjoy these videos showing that it can happen to anyone.

1. I'm not sure which is funnier, the cat sliding or the cat crashing into the couch. 2. Jason seemed to have some trouble getting his groceries. Maybe Jason should invest in some shoes. 3. This guy takes a great spill but you always have to look at the bright side - Arby's does a great job keeping their floor clean. 4. You can never go wrong with the butter on the floor prank. It always provides big laughs and easily cracked the top 10 greatest hits. 5. Animals can be fun and watching a cat slide down the hall is always comical. 6. The video quality of this crash isn't the highest, but the fall is one of the best. 7. Let's just hop that this bathroom is slick because it is too clean and not because it is too dirty. 8. A great commerical showing the struggles of dogs on nice laminate flooring just cracks the top 10. 9. Not all of these have to be big falls. This video shows a pet and his owner having some fun utilizing the slick floor. 10. We have to end the top 10 with a cat sliding down the hall. I hope it caught what it was chasing.

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