Save money and increase your home value. How do I do that?

Posted on Mar 4th 2010 by David — Comments ↓

Carpet sales account for over 60% of all flooring sales in America. But other categories of flooring are gaining ground. The right carpet in the right application can be absolutely perfect. But there can be pitfalls. Some carpets don't quite have the stain resistance of others. Some carpets don't wear as well as others. And certainly, carpet is not exactly a "do it yourself" installation. Hard surfaces provide a beautiful alternative to carpet as well as being easy to maintain and easy to install.

The two primary hard surfaces purchased in the US are Laminate and Hardwood Flooring. When you walk into a home the first thing you see is the flooring. A hard surface makes a home look valuable and elegant. The average Square Foot price for Hardwood is $4.99, twice as much as premium carpet. Laminate is much less than carpet, but can make a home look like a Million Bucks. Both come with much longer warranties, usually 25 years or more. Most hard surfaces are usually treated with moisture and stain barriers which prevent them from absorbing common stains. One potential pitfall with carpet is in the high traffic areas like entry ways and hallways. Have you ever noticed how the carpet under the sofa looks new and the hallway looks matted down? Part of the hard surface warranty is against wearing. You can walk on a hard surface for years and it will still look new.

Hard Surfaces will always be a great alternative to carpet and are a great long term investment. If you are a home owner or property manager hard surfaces will last longer, make your home look beautiful and save you money. Have you recently switched from carpet to a hard surface? What do you like better carpet, hardwood or laminate?

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