My First Home Looks Great

Posted on Mar 4th 2010 by David — Comments ↓

This year has been a wild ride for the economy and with the First Time Home Buyers credit; we have seen a huge increase in first time buyers. Several weeks ago Owen Wald and his wife came in and wanted to redo their entire home with carpet, laminate tile and laminate flooring. Their flooring was trashed and wanted to make their home beautiful, but like all Americans had a tight budget. They had shopped around and thought they would have to do their home in three phases to meet budget constraints.

We started talking and he explained to me how he had been all over town shopping. The flooring retailers he had been to where too expensive, had to wait weeks for the flooring to come in or had a very limited selection. He was almost ready to give in an just do a room at a time.

I asked him what his budget was and we went to work. We looked at all the flooring and carpet and in about 30 minutes he walked out with 12 flooring samples for the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms and carpet for the two bedrooms all within his budget.

The next day his wife came in and was bubbling with excitement. She told me, "we are so tired of shopping for home accessories and we didn't think we would be able to do all the floors. When Owen came home and said we could do the entire house and showed me all the samples I was overjoyed."

They purchased the laminate flooring that day.

These are the stories we encounter everyday. Customers have shopped every possible place for flooring. Once they make it to us they know they have found a great bargain. Have you been shopping for flooring, but prices are to high, not enough choices or have to wait weeks for the flooring to come in?

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