How To Get A Floor Sample

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We highly recommend that you order a sample prior to purchasing any new flooring. We put a lot of effort into getting good images of the floors up on our site, but computer monitors differ from one another to a degree which matters in flooring. In our offices we have taken pains to match monitors, but we still go from one to another checking a flooring picture to a sample and see differences. And if you think about it, 75% of our floors are basically "brown". This means that the specific shade of brown, how much it sways toward a yellow, red or greenish tint, the richness of any grain - all of these things matter a great deal. Plus, how your floor looks will be affected by the kind of light in your room - daylight, old school light bulbs, or any number of the colors given off with fluorescents.

We cut our samples from the actual plank for each floor, so a sample will provide the true color, texture and dimensions of the floor you are considering. When you have a piece of the floor in hand, you can do all the sample experiments you need to see how your choice will look in your place.

How Do You Order One?

If you aren't already on the page focusing on the product you want to see, then from our Product List page, select the product you want by clicking its image. This will open its Details page.  

Go from a Product on the List to its Details

  Over on the right hand area of the page is small, green box with the white lettering “ORDER SAMPLE”. Click on this box and follow the path. Sample Button [caption align="alignright" width="508" caption="It's the second green button, right up there."]



You'll briefly see a pop-up confirming the sample in your shopping cart. You can continue shopping and add more samples, or just checkout right then.

The Shopping Cart

  From that point on, the checkout process is pretty standard for any online shopping - create an account, enter shipping and payment, and so on.

Checkout starts like this

If you still have questions about that part of the process, or any part, or really anything, just give us a call. During our open hours, you'll almost certainly get a real human person, and that's why we're here. We can answer questions or walk you through any process on our site.

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We credit back the cost of any samples up to $15.00 when you make your purchase. Samples cost $1 each plus a $5 ground freight charge for as many samples as you care to order, so up to 10 will be refunded back (and follow-up sample orders can be made at no charge when you call us directly).

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