Flooring Videos: Laminate Flooring: Our Little Tests

Posted on Jan 1st 2010Comments ↓

Laminate Flooring: Our Little Tests

We have done some very informal experiments here in our warehouse, and we wanted to show them to you.  We call them our DON'T DO THIS series because you shouldn't.  

DON'T DO THIS - Laminate Flooring vs. Cigarette Burns 

We were asked just how cigarette burn resistant the aluminum oxide coating of a laminate floor is.  Since we couldn't find any other tests, we decided to do a few ourselves.  

Now, these days we're told that most cigarettes burn out if they're not 'puffed' within 30 seconds of the last puff.  This is to keep people from setting their beds on fire when they fall asleep with one of these things.  We only stopped at around 2 minutes because it was indeed hard to keep the thing lit - even for that long!

DON'T DO THIS - Laminate Flooring vs. A Propane Torch Test

To prove that "cigarette burn resistant" does not mean fire proof, take a look at what we did below!  And then don't ever do it.  Ever.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring - The Aquarium Test

This is the same video as the one on the main laminate videos page, where we sink samples of laminate (and some vinyl) into an aquarium to show how waterproof is very different from water resistant.  No laminate floor is waterproof (yet).

Water resistant floors keep the water on the surface for a long time, so you can eliminate a spill before it causes a big problem.