Flooring Videos: Laminate Flooring Installation: Drop & Lock Videos

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Laminate Flooring Installation: Drop & Lock Videos

Here is the main video, the same one that is on our main Installation Videos page, in case you still need to see it.  The next one covers the basics and more details.

Even More Details Via Our LEGENDS Series, a Drop & Lock Floor

This video also addresses installing a Variable Length floor, but it has many good Drop & Lock tips as well.  You can see the whole thing, or move to a specific part of the video for these tips:

1:04 - How the Locking Systems work
2:59 - How To Get Started in the Room
8:25 - Why Trims Lock the Outer Rows
8:48 - More Good Tips for your Installation
9:47 - Handling Possible Problems During Installation

And Yet MORE Drop & Lock Tips & Problems Fixed featuring a Landmark Laminate Floor!

Jump to a Tip:

0:00 - Vapor Barrier with Attached Pad Floors?
1:03 - Installing Over a Vinyl Floor?
1:40 - Why Installation Direction Matters
2:37 - Just Drop the End Joints
2:59 - When Do End Joints Lock?
5:02 - Space Out End Joints
5:10 - Watch Plank Direction
5:29 - Width of your Final Row
6:29 - The First Row Locks Down Last
7:11 - Zig-Zagging End Joints
7:44 - Post Installation Cleaning
8:20 - Links to Other Resources (badly mic'd, no less!)