Flooring Videos: Laminate Flooring Installation: Angle -To-Angle Videos

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Laminate Flooring Installation: Angle -To-Angle Videos

If you want to see it again, here is our main Angle-To-Angle installation video.  Tips start below!

Why Your Specific Instructions Matter

Even within each main type of installation, there can be specific differences in how one floor clicks together vs. another.  Our guy Adam has made videos just for customers who have called in with specific installation problems, and we're sharing those with you here.

Best Way To Start A Laminate Installation:  Tips on Doing Your First Few Rows

A Bunch Of Installation Questions!

0:12 - Why Tongues need to face the walls
0:54 - Why to smooth your end joints as you go
1:20 - Why to pull first rows away from the wall
3:19 - Why earlier planks loosen as we install
3:48 - Rocking down the new row
4:08 - the 'pop' and fully locking the planks (4:36 - good close-up)
5:07 - WHY the planks hover

Watch it all, or scroll ahead to the one you need to see!

Locking Mechanism Tips

One (but not all!) of our Timeless Elegance floors requires us to lift the new plank past a very specific angle in order to fully click together.  You'll easily see how it works in this short piece.