Flooring Videos: Laminate Flooring Installation: 3 Basic Kinds

Posted on Jan 1st 2010Comments ↓

Laminate Flooring Installation: 3 Basic Kinds

There are three main types of click together installation systems for laminate floors, Angle-To-Angle, Drop & Lock and Tap 'n' Go.  The first two videos should give you a good idea of what is involved with each one.  The third video has a really important tip for any material you receive, and the following ones deal with specific tips.

Introducing the Two Main Click-Together Systems

More detailed videos on both of these systems are in the sections to the left.

Tap 'n' Go: Uncommon, but Still Around

Is My New Flooring Warped?

Sometimes a board that isn't warped looks like it may be.  How can you tell?  Adam shows us below.

Tapping Block?  What's That, and How is it Used?

How does the ''G5'' Locking System Work?

That's the one with the little plastic things inside the end joints.