Flooring Videos: How Waterproof is ''Waterproof''?

Posted on Jan 1st 2010Comments ↓

Videos on each kind of Waterproof Vinyl have their own categories to the left, but first it's important to know the differences between waterproof and Water resistant flooring.  To show this with our first 100% waterproof floor, we droped both kinds into an aquarium for three days to see what happened.  Check it out.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring

Waterproof flooring will not be damaged even by something like a flooded basement.  A water resistant floor is designed to keep water from slipping past the surface and getting to its core material.  This gives you time to deal with any spills.  Some even coat the side edges with a wax, so that even if water seeps through, it shouldn't soak in.  But if any cores do soak in water, those planks would need to be replaced.

We also tested two of our 100% waterproof floors by putting them out into a thinderstorm.  Yes, they survived, but no, do not install these outside!  

Waterproof Flooring Out In a Storm

JUMP TO THE END:  We stuck a piece of Supreme Click Elite outside under a drain spout for a year.  It's at the end of the video above, but if you want to jump right to it, just click the play button below!