Do-It-Yourself Video: Something New From Something Old

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by David — Comments ↓

Dateline 1958!

Young newlyweds decide to fix their place up all by themselves. This 13 minute film shows some of their steps and gives some tips. It isn't as hokey as one might expect a public service style short film from the 50s to be. It is charming and otherwise pretty straightforward.

I'm posting it because "DIY" is nothing new, neither as a positive fad nor even in many of the ways we approach it. 56 years have passed since this little picture was made and all we've really done to advance the phenomenon is abbreviate it, and good grief, we do that with everything now, don't we?

Do I endorse all of these tips? I really can't evaluate them either way. Who knows what the paint thinner they're using was made of? I don't even have a Paint Dealer, that's for sure. But this is fun, isn't it? It makes all the work look ... well, not easy, but absolutely do-able!

If nothing else, I would advise playing this kind of music while you work. Probably don't send off for the book though.

    TTYL (or TTFN, as we said in 1968, thanks to Tigger)  

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