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Like many businesses, we are trying to get as many reviews as possible on our site. It makes sense, really. There are very few experts in floor buying - it's done so infrequently. I just bought a new mattress, and even Consumer Reports was unable to help evaluate, so ultimately I just bought the best reviewed mattress I could find for the money I had to spend.

We use others' experiences to help us make decisions. Real pictures are important too because they let people see what someone who bought their floor from us was really able to do. We get some really nice pictures too, I mean - look at these:

thumb - kronoswiss ambra Thumb - Supreme Click Classic Aspen Hickory
Thumb - Ben Huddleston Thumb - Customer Photo - Cumberland Falls Country Lodge Plank Laminate


We hope the gesture on our part will make the minutes writing and picture snapping feel appreciated, which it very much is.

Now, when we get these reviews, we put them in a couple of places. First we get them onto our product pages. If someone has reviewed one of our Timeless Elegance laminates, you'll find that review on the page for any of those products (regardless of the style or color, as that's personal preference, and the review is usually of the 'structure' of the flooring).

Reviews on a product page


Then if you look at the top of almost any page on our site, you'll see a tiny link for "Reviews" up at the top, and a really big one on the side. Both of these go to a page where we have grouped the text portions of all of our reviews into one place.

Testimonials Page

It winds up being more of a way to learn about us than it is of our floors, but that's valuable too! You want to know what kind of people you're dealing with.

If you want to see similar gatherings just of our customers' pictures all in one place, right now we keep them in - well, in two places. I guess the easiest to navigate is our Pinterest Customer Photos board, found here:

Pinterest   We also keep them on our Facebook page, where we also occasionally post a customer picture as the big 'cover image' at the tom to show off someone's new, beautiful floor. That's here:

Our Facebook page, and yes, we really like that one picture.

  We are going to keep adding and adding these as we are able to get them so you can have more to go on than the specs and our sales pitches.

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