20 Mosaics That Would Look Awesome As Flooring

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20  mosaics guaranteed to stir your imagination to what is possible in the world of flooring and tile.

While these inventive mosaics are not actual floor mosaics, they do speak volumes about the extraordinary versatility of tiles and how they can be used for flooring.

Just one look at any of these 20 clever designs and you will no doubt be impressed.

1. Star Wars The Last Supper

star wars the last supper

Avinas Arora was an uber geek who spent weeks creating a computer program that would create this star wars mosaic. Every tile of this mosaic is from a scene from all six of the movies. In total – 69 thousand images were used to create this work of art.

Just imagine if your hallway was made from it?


2. Color Temperature Mosaic

Heat Sensitive Mosaic

If you are looking for flooring tile that will be a guaranteed conversation starter, then look no further than the color temperature mosaic. There is no doubt that these color temperature tiles would be fantastic as a floor tile. This wild tile has a very impressive trick that is sure to shock anyone who is not expecting it. The colour temperature tile changes colour when hit by water. How’s that for a shocker?


3. Portrait Mosaic

Portrait Mosaic

Often when people think of mosaics, they often do not realize that they can be used for portraits as well. A skilled artist can capture the subtle expressions and nature of a person quite well in tile form. Tiles have tremendous versatility in that they can be used for something as demanding as a portrait. Although portraits have not been used as flooring too often, perhaps we will be seeing more of this in coming years?


4. Moscow Mosaic

moscow mosaicThis mosaic exists in the Moscow metro  and is by the artist Tsereteli and depicts Mikhail Kutuzov 1812 other war heroes.


5. Zelda Mosaic

zelda link mosaic

Handmade from thousands of individually cut pieces of stained glass, it took the artist over three months to complete. The $250 piece was sold recently on Etsy.com.


6. Children's Mosaic

Children's MosaicThis mosaic would be perfect as a Childs play floor and could be easily wiped clean.


7. Betty Mosaic

Lady Mosaic This sexy mosaic would look awesome in any guy's dorm room. This mosaic is actually on the wall of a comic shop in Manchester – UK.

8. Nude Women Mosaic

nude mosaic

This nude mosaic is found at the Byzantine Art Museum in Cyprus and would look amazing anywhere in the home.


9. Flower Mosaic

Floral Mosaic Floor

Few wonders in nature are as stunning as the flower. The Flower Mosaic is a striking example of what is possible for flooring. This kind of imagery is fun, vibrant nature and full of rich and deep colours. It could potentially enliven any room and imbue the viewer with a sense of calmness and peace. What more could one wish for from a quality work of tile art or flooring? Flower mosaic could be a particularly good choice if you are going for a 60’s hippie vibe.


10. The Lounging Ladies Mosaic

Lounging Ladies

Imagine a mosaic of carefree moments in life, and that is what you would have with the Lounging Ladies Mosaic. This exquisitely crafted mosaic from another era conjures up a romantic and inviting atmosphere. In the process, it underscores how tile can create a hypnotic scene. In the hands of a gifted artist, works like the Lounging Ladies Mosaic are quite possible and quite captivating. Just don’t step on these lounging ladies faces.


11. Mosaic Wall

mosaic graffitti

This wall is undoubtedly an impressive showcase of mosaics. One of the reasons that it is so cool is that it is such a large area of tile and design. Of course, if mosaics can be put on a building, there is no reason they can’t be put on a floor. This particular style has a real modern art feel that would certainly be a great addition to an avant-garde imaginative room.


12. St. Peter’s Basilica Mosaic

St. Peter’s Basilica Mosaic

In order to appreciate the true magical potential of what flooring can be, one must study an example such as the St. Peter’s Basilica Mosaic. This stunning work shows what an amazing possibilities exist when tile is put in the hands of a gifted artists. Just like an amazing painting, an amazing work of tile art can leave the viewer lost for hours studying its complexity. If you used this sort of tile as flooring, you would be sure to make a bold historical statement. Amazing.


13. Fatima

Fatima Flooring


14. Chagall’s Four Seasons

Four Seasons mosaic flooring

Four Seasons mosaic flooring

Tile work can be epic in size and grand in ambition. The Chagall’s Four Season Mosaic is the kind of tile that would be magnificent as flooring. Moreover, the Chagall’s Four Season Mosaic uses coloured tile more like paint than tile. A breathtaking effect is the result. Also this mosaic shows a real harmony of colours, which could certainly make a room more beautiful.


15. Battle Of Issus

Battle of Issus, Alexander the Great

Detail of the Alexander Mosaic, representing Alexander the Great on his horse Bucephalus. This would look sweet in the kitchen!


16. Black Hole Mosaic

Tunnel Illusion

This Spanish design company creates bizarre mosaics that would look perfect in any bathroom.


17. Coat Of Arms

debrecen street coat of arms

A mosaic in the main street of Debrecen, Hungary. It forms the coat of arms of the city and impresses all who pass through.


18. Mosaic Manastirea Caraiman



19. Bambi Mosaic

Bambi Paper Mosaic by FangOfKirara This mosaic is actually made from magazine cuttings but we see no reason why you could not waterproof it and use it on child's bedroom floor.

20. Hagia Sophia

Deesis Mosaic of Christ, 13th Century, Hagia Sophia

Probably one of the most famous mosaics on earth. How impressed would guest be to find this mosaic on your hallway floor?


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