13 Awesome Examples of Interactive and Illuminative Flooring.

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A selection of 13 awesome floors that change to the groove of your beat.

Since the dawn of time when man lit his first campfire, dance has been a common ritual. Men would jump around the fire, and let their hair down after an exhausting day of hunting and gathering.  Over the years cultures have become more civilized, dance has been modernized and the environments have expanded to accommodate it. After an intense work week tired business people hoard over multicolored lights as sounds pump through the room. They move and they shake and forget all their problems, but now the movers and shakers of science that led us away from that campfire thinking appreciate the fancy footwork even more. Here are a few examples of how innovative technology has made the floor we walk and dance on more than just plain old flooring.

1. Sensacells Interactive Floor

LED Flooring

If you walk through the entrance of Comunitat Valenciana in Spain, you’ll be followed by this LED snail trail. It is a 25 square meter installation by Sensacell and is designed to make us more aware of the carbon footprint that we leave behind us. The floor has 1000 Sensacell interactive modules and LED sensors designed to detect movement.  Maybe this floor is not so eco friendly with all the electricity usage. Anyways, it is still fun to watch.


2. Club Watt - Rotterdam

Illuminated Dance Floor

Club Watt in Rotterdam is truly ecofriendly with more than just an interactive LED floor but a sustainable floor that reacts to the dancers movements.  The floor uses  kinetic energy to power the light and sound system, as well as 30 percent of the entire building. This is the worlds first sustainable nightclub. I bet the cavemen wish they could have lit their campfires with a little dance rather than sat there for hours trying to spark flint.

3. Club Surya - The eco friendly club

This floor generates electricity

Club Surya opened its doors in London in 2008 making it Britain's first eco friendly nightclub. The club itself is built of recycled materials, but the dance floor is the best piece.  Using piezoelctricity technology, a way of converting the kinetic energy of the dance into electricity, it produces enough electricity to power sixty percent of the entire club. The technology used in this flooring can be used in just about anything. There’s even plans to fit it into clothing so people can generate electricity by moving which will be able to power mobile electrical devices.


4. The Australian Museum

More Glowing Floor

The Australian Museum has four of the same tiles from Club Watt. The tiles have been fitted in and exhibition called ‘Climate Change: Our Future, Our Choice’. These guys seem to be managing just fine with just four tiles to play on.


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5. Matter - The vibrating dancefloor

Vibrating Floor

These are some very amazing vibrations, in Matter in London, the bass from the music creates vibrations that run through the dancefloor and make the clubbers really feel the music.


6. Liquid Flooring

Liquid Floor

It looks a little bit like a lava lamp except on the ground. These pressure sensitive panels are filled with soft gel so when you walk on them they’ll make their own unique movements. You’ll never see the same piece of flooring twice if you had these fitted.


7. LightFader by TAL

Glowing Footprints

This interactive flooring by TAL leaves a footprint for about a minute after it’s been stepped on. It’s scratch resistant so it’s able to look pretty cool all day long.


8. Holowals - Holographic Dancefloor

Holographic Floor

Holowals make their flooring out of holographic images, hence the name. When you walk over this floor it’s supposed to give the illusion of fire and water. Hopefully it won’t make you sea sick.

9. LightSpace Interactive Floor

Lit, Game Dance Floor

This is more than just your regular dance mat. This amazing piece of flooring developed by Noah Keating is a light responsive dancefloor, which allows dancers to play multiple games including “danceoff”. They can use their own moves as it’s less restrictive than previous dance mats and has a much larger floor space. In the not too distant future classic games like Twister will be mere dust collectors.

10. Light Space Play Floor

Play a Game with Light flooring

If you’re a fan of the Nintendo Wii but still have more floor space in your house, you might want to get one of these. This interactive piece of flooring will let you and your kids play all kinds of fun interactive games.  Chasing LEDs around the floor all day, will have the family pretty fit quick.

11. Dancing On Line

Second Lifelike

If all these LEDs aren’t enough, why not join one of the biggest dance communities out there. It’s called Kaneva and it’s dancing on line. The possibilities are endless because it’s an entire virtual world filled with dancers, clubs and dance floors. Why not check it out and see if you can find a campfire to dance around. You might just have the inspiration to come up with the next genius plan to move dance flooring forward to the next step.

And if you really like it on line:

Second Life Lounge

Check out KITU Lounge. If this place was real it’d probably be one of the most impressive nightclubs ever. With multiple dance floors that move around as well as amazing lightshows. Definitely worth a visit.

12. Interactive Staircase

Plasma Screen Stairs

The steps of the LouisVuitton store in Hong Kong have built in plasma screens to play fabulous tricks to the eye. These were developed by architect, Peter Marino.


13. Qv Melbourne Square

Message Board Floor

Check out the pavements of Melbourne Square where interactive messages of  love, peace and cheese can be projected onto the floor to grab the intrest of the passers by.  The next wave in Mobile Advertising.

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