A Quick Look At Unfinished Hardwood

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Unfinished hardwood is, as its name suggests, an unfinished raw material. While the wood has been milled into planks of flooring, no stains or protective coatings have been applied, leaving a virgi … read more

Quick And Easy Hardwood Maintenance

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Hardwood flooring is an enduring classic and with good reason. It’s beautiful, strong, and capable of a long lifespan in your home with the proper care and maintenance. What, you ask, is the … read more

How To Prevent Hardwood Issues This Summer

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Ah, summer. Some of us flourish in the heat; some of us huddle up to the closest air conditioning and offer our thanks to the deities of modern convenience. We all have our needs during the season, … read more

What Can I Do With Leftover Flooring?

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Did you know that flooring isn’t just for floors? Leftover flooring doesn’t have to go in the scrap heap or, as my mom would say, “To the happy hunting grounds.” Instead, it can be used as a great … read more

How To Define Your Decor With Hardwood

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First of all, let us offer our sincerest congratulations on your new hardwood floor! Whether you chose solid or engineered, you’ve made a great investment in a quality material that never goes out … read more

How To Pick The Right Wood Filler

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We’ve talked at length about what you can expect from hardwood floors. A big part of its appeal comes from variations that provide such a unique look. Occasionally, though, you can run across natur … read more

The Anatomy of Cabin Grade

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We get a lot of questions about Cabin Grade hardwood. It’s one of our bestsellers and we do our best to offer as much information as possible about what to expect from a Cabin Grade floor. Here’s o … read more

Black Friday Deals All Week Long!

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Pssst…Black Friday is coming up! Since it’s hard to get decent internet when you’re living under a rock, I’m going to assume that yes, you know Black Friday is on its way. But. But. Did you know our g … read more

Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

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Ah, winter.   (Brace yours, Elf!)Whether you love it or hate it, preparation is essential to ensure the most hassle-free season possible. Getting ready for winter doesn’t stop at checking y … read more
Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

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We want Floors To Your Home to be easy to shop with. That’s one of the reasons we keep our flooring in stock, rather than ordering it from someone else after you make your choice with us. … read more