Solid & Engineered Hardwood Flooring - Pros & Cons

Solid & Engineered Hardwood Flooring - Pros & Cons
For more details, see our Flooring Learning Center article Solid or Engineered, but this quick, basic list should give you a quick idea of how these two basic forms of hardwood flooring compare.

Solid Hardwood Flooring


• All Natural – it’s a piece of wood
• Natural beauty raises home values
• Usually deepens in color with age
• You have a choice of finishes
 • It's capable of many sand & refinishings
• Easier to repair

Engineered Hardwood Flooring


• The engineered construction adds durability
• Has the same Attractiveness of solid woods
• Comes pre-finished, less likely to change color over time
• Easier installation
Suitable for all home areas


• More complicated Installation
• Not Suitable for all areas


• Limited to the factory finish
• Harder to Repair
• Limited Refinishing – usually none

This video covers solid and engineered hardwood floors pretty thoroughly. Give it a look or a listen.


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