FAQ: Flooring Samples

FAQ: Flooring Samples
  • What do I need to do to get samples? If you're on one of our product lists, just click on the button "Add $1 Sample to Cart," or click the picture of the floor to go to the product page. On the right hand side will be a blue button that says "ORDER SAMPLE - $1.00". You'll be walked through the process from there!

  • What do they cost? They are $1 each, and we can ship up to ten in a single order. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for any order. If you buy a floor from us, we'll credit your sample order up to $15 (basically a single, packed order) off the total.

  • How big are your samples? We cut the planks into roughly 9" long samples, only so we can fit them into our shipping boxes. We keep the full width of the planks unless they happen to be wider than 8". That's pretty rare, but we've had to cut some ceramic floors in both directions, such as a 12" x 24" style of tile. We can put anywhere from five 3/4" hardwoods to 27 4mm vinyl plank samples into a single box, and they usually ship out the very next business day.

  • What's the best way to use a sample to get an idea of how the final floor will look? We have lots of great ideas and pictures about this in our Beginner’s Guide to Floor Samples!

  • We ordered some samples, but we're still a little nervous about purchasing since they are seconds.  If we come into the showroom, will we be able to look at actual boxes of the product that we will be purchasing? We usually do have a carton of every product open at our showrooms (in Indiana). You can see some of the character better when you have full planks to look at. We do not open multiple boxes, however, because once we break the banding or shrink-wrap to open a box, it won't ship as well, and it is basically only useful for more samples.