FAQ: Cabin Grade & Seconds

FAQ: Cabin Grade & Seconds


  • We ordered some samples, but we're still a little nervous about purchasing since they are seconds.  If we come into the showroom, will we be able to look at actual boxes of the product that we will be purchasing?

    We usually do have a carton of every product open at our showroom. You can see some of the character better when you have full planks to look at. We do not open multiple boxes, however, because once we break the banding or shrink-wrap to open a box, it won't ship as well, and it is basically only useful for more samples.

  • What are "Seconds" in Laminate Flooring?

    This is best answered on our blog post with Facts on Laminate Flooring Seconds. It has an explanation, pros & cons, and a video showing how they can be used to make a gorgeous floor.

  • What are Laminate "Seconds"?