Why Choose Us

The Difference is More Than the Lowest Price
YES, WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES, but that’s not the only reason our customers repeatedly choose us for their flooring needs.

We Understand Flooring
There is no substitute for experience. Since 1921, we have learned the lessons that have given us the strength to prosper and survive in the flooring business decade after decade. With over 90 years of flooring experience, we are the experts you can trust. Our employees have decided to make flooring their careers and it shows in the way they treat our customers.

It’s About Customer Service
Our customers expect not only the lowest price but exceptional customer service. Our team is not classified as the typical customer service person that just takes orders, they are actually FLOORING EXPERTS. Each person has the experience necessary to help guide you through any issue you may have concerning your upcoming purchase, or a purchase you have already made.

High Quality Standards
We realize this is a very important, and expensive decision you are making. That is the reason that every floor that we offer for sale has met our strict quality control standards. We purchase flooring from the world over. We have been doing business with the majority of our suppliers for many years and they understand and perform to the high quality benchmark, that we set. You can be assured that the sample product that you ordered will be the actual product you receive at your home.

Huge Selection with Free Shipping
We hear everyday from our customers that they just can’t make up their mind because we have so many choices. If we are offered a great deal from one of our suppliers, we buy everything they have so that we can offer you the highest quality at the lowest price. Our suppliers know to come to us first when they get a SPECIAL DEAL or a FACTORY CLOSEOUT. That’s how the founder of our company started doing business and that’s how we do it today.

It’s So Easy-Free Shipping and No Sales Tax
When you shop our competitors, you either have to drive to their store, checkout and pay (and pay sales tax), load the flooring into your car or truck, then take it home and unload it into your house. Floors To Your Home makes it so easy for you! Just call or order on line, we will ship out your flooring FREE* and deliver it to your home within days of placing your order. We won’t even charge you SALES TAX**. This could save you up to 10% off!

Fast and Reliable Shipping
Why is it that it takes two to four weeks to receive flooring from our competitors? The reason is that most of our competitors don’t stock all the flooring they show on their web site. They have to purchase it from another source when you place the order with them. We are truly different in that 98% of the products you see on our site, we own and stock in our huge distribution facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. We even tell you on our site how much we have in stock. THAT IS THE REASON MOST OF OUR ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS.

*Free Shipping only applies to products that are marked FREE SHIPPING on our web site
** Sales Tax must be charged in Indiana and Kentucky