For hardwood flooring

A threshold for hardwood has a flat bottom, and a flat top which angles down on both sides, making its cross section appear like a bunker. When hardwood flooring going in one direction meets up with hardwood flooring perpendicular to it, usually at a doorway or between rooms, this piece is installed at the seam.


For laminate flooring

The inside cut of a laminate threshold is a 90 degree angle. It rests on the top of the flooring, and drops down in front of the edge. The top is sloped or angled on both sides, giving it the same bunker look as the standard thresholds.

These end a floor. Where a reducer drops from the level of one floorcovering to a different level of another, the threshold drops from your floorcovering to the subfloor itself. These are often used to close off the gap between the floor boards at the bottom of a door frame and the floor. They are usually made of wood, stone or metal.

You’ll hear about baby thresholds. We call those end caps, and have given them their own page.


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