Quarter round

Quarter round

For laminate flooring & hardwood flooring

Quarter Rounds can go around the perimeter of your floor anywhere it meets a wall. They can also be used where the floor meets the fireplace or staircase, and under cabinets, where a baseboard may be too tall to use, or just too unwieldy to install. They are an absolute necessity if you do not use a baseboard. You must have at least one of the two. Quarter rounds are a touch more flexible than baseboards, which helps if you have a slight dip in the floor. A quarter round may be pressed down to meet the floor, eliminating a gap which might be unavoidable with a baseboard.

The primary purpose of a quarter round is to hover over the quarter inch gap which is left between a newly installed floor and the wall to allow the floor to expand with weather. It protects the edges of your laminate floor, mostly from accumulation of dirt and debris, and makes you floor easier to clean than it would be with the gap just left open.

The installation method is pretty simple for a quarter round. You press it down hard against your flooring, but you don’t nail it to the floor. You nail it to the wall very tightly once it is properly covering the flooring. Never nail a quarter round, a baseboard, really any trim, to your floor. The floor will move in relation to the room. The wall – well, it defines the room, so it really can’t do that, and the floor needs to move a tiny bit under the trim, expanding and contracting.

One primed for future coloration, one finished and ready to install as is.


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