How To Protect Your Prefinished Hardwood Floor

How To Protect Your Prefinished Hardwood Floor

People are always wondering ways to keep that new prefinished hardwood flooring protected.  There are many different tips and tricks to ensure that your floor sparkles clean each and every day. Here are a few of those tips:

- SEAL IT UP. If your floor is prefinished, it should already be sealed. However, if your floor came unfinished, be sure to seal it up. The sealant helps protect from scratches and spills.

- KEEP IT CLEAN. Did Billy spill his milk on the floor? Clean it up immediately. Take out the mop and wipe that milk away.

Any puddles that are left unattended can sink in despite most prefinished hardwood flooring being moisture resistant.

- WATCH YOUR STEP. Shoes can be very damaging to your floor. Uncle Tom might drag in dirt and mud from outside that can easily stain the floor. Little Suzy’s high heels also might scratch the surface. Having guests remove shoes at the door is a simple way to prevent damage.

- WAX OFF. Do not wax your prefinished floor. The combination of wax and the original sealant can cause the floor to become dull or slick.

- FURNITURE PADS. Most of your chairs and tables will come with protective pads on the legs. However, if they are missing or get lost over time, replace them. It helps prevent scratches.

- REPLACE DAMAGES. This is really for worst case scenarios, but unlike laminate flooring, hardwood flooring can be refinished up to two times. If you floor has a large area of damage, it may be a good idea to replace the damaged area and refinish the flooring again.

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