Tips on Installing Hardwood Flooring

Tips on Installing Hardwood Flooring

People find doing home projects a way of releasing stress and laying hardwood floor is a prime example of that. Installing your own hardwood flooring can be a nice project that could take a day and make your kitchen look great. There are many different ways to install your own hardwood floor and many different websites that will give you a how-to guide on instillation. We have decided to provide you a few tips to remember when doing this project.

  1. Choose the right subfloor.

    There are many suitable subfloors to use but sometimes, the easiest is to just use your existing solid wood flooring as the subfloor.

  2. Measure twice, cut once. The old carpenter’s adage still holds true. Make sure you have your measurements correct.
  3. Rent a power floor nailer. This tool will make the instillation process significantly quicker and easier.
  4. Clean the subfloor before installing the new floor on top. Enough said.
  5. Make sure each joint is tightly sealed before nailing. This will help prevent boards from coming loose in the future.
  6. Make sure each nail is flush against the floor. Nothing is more aggravating than a nail popped up when you are walking barefoot.
  7. If all else fails, hire a professional.

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