Engineered Hardwood Safety

Engineered Hardwood Safety

All of the engineered hardwood in our warehouse is CARB 2 Compliant.

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is composed of wood layers with the listed species forming the visible top layer. For example, if a floor is listed as being maple, the top visible layer will be genuine maple hardwood.

The other layers are composed of softwoods or plywood, bonded together with adhesive. Formaldehyde occurs naturally in wood, and can be found in the adhesives used to bond the wood layers together. In order to reduce exposure, the National Wood Flooring Association recommends choosing products labeled ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde), NAF (no added formaldehyde), and CARB (California Air Resources Board) Phase 1 or 2.

All of the engineered hardwood products in our warehouse are CARB 2 compliant, and many of them are manufactured right here in the United States. CARB also provides a list of compliant mills and manufacturers.

What To Look For: CARB compliance labels on engineered hardwood flooring cartons and third-party testing.