Care and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Flooring

Care and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Flooring

How much care does your vinyl flooring need?

We mentioned the main, if brief, guidelines in the Wear Layer section, and of course the best details will come with your specific instructions, but here are some tips that could help you get an idea of what should be ahead for you as you keep your vinyl floor in good shape.

Most vinyl flooring should be swept or vacuumed on a regular basis. When vacuuming, usually you will want there to be no beater bar. Even doing this daily will not hurt the floor.

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Occasional damp mopping is also good, but only at a frequency your floor manufacturer recommends. If you mop too frequently, you may hurt the shine. Also, make sure that you use the manufacturer’s cleaner, or the one they recommend if they don’t make one themselves. Abrasives, bleach and ammonia are not recommended. You may use an approved liquid polish to restore any lost shine.

In between cleanings, be sure to quickly wipe up spills. Even if your floor is waterproof, you will still want to prevent staining. Also, never soak a vinyl floor to remove stains, unless you have 100% waterproof flooring. Otherwise water can seep through the seams and weaken the adhesive.

If you are going to have floor mats, make sure to only use those made of natural fibers. The rubber under some mats will stain some vinyl floors.

If you are able to save a few spare tiles, replacing individual tiles or click together vinyl planks should be easy. If you cannot remove an entire plank, as with a floating floor, and your floor has a repeating pattern, then you should be able to cut the section you want to remove. What may work best is to cut along the border of the floor’s pattern. Find an identical piece from the pieces you have saved, and replacement should be easy. If your floor has one, big, overall pattern, and you cannot see the best way to replace an area, then you should seek out a trusted professional to make the replacement for you.

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