3 Reasons X would be the Best Floor for your Bedroom

3 Reasons X would be the Best Floor for your Bedroom

Each home flooring project presents different obstacles and challenges. At Floors to Your Home, we aim to provide customers with a clear picture of the benefits and specific qualities of each of our flooring options. We hope that with this knowledge, your flooring installation will be a painless experience that increases value of your home and enhances your time spent there. The home should serve as a place of rest, offering you the chance to recharge and escape from the challenges that lie beyond the front door. In perhaps no room is this more true than the bedroom.

An image from our Room Scene Designer featuring Toasted Ash Engineered Hardwood

An image from our Room Scene Designer featuring Toasted Ash Engineered Hardwood

When deciding on the best floor for your bedroom, in addition to the decor of the room, it's important to consider its location, the age of the occupant, the required maintenance and the amount of traffic that the room will endure. For instance, a guest bedroom will likely see much less traffic than a master bedroom, reducing the opportunities for wear damage to occur.    

Here is a wood subfloor being put on top of a concrete subfloor.

Here is a wood subfloor being put on top of a concrete subfloor.


The subfloor is the first factor that will determine which flooring options are available for your bedroom. All floor types can go over a wood subfloor. With concrete, options are slightly limited. At Floors to Your Home, we do not recommend installing solid hardwood floors on a concrete subfloor. However, concrete works perfectly with engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, and many other options.  


The location of your bedroom is another important determining factor when choosing the appropriate flooring. All floors can be installed above ground level, also referred to as above "grade." If you're installing below grade, say, in a basement, solid hardwood is not recommended. Bamboo flooring is also considered a bad candidate for a lower level installation.  

Traffic Volume

Some homeowners spend very little time in their bedrooms, choosing instead to hang out in the den or living room areas for the bulk of the day. If the bedroom is generally a low-traffic area of your home, then less forgiving surfaces like solid hardwood are an excellent option. However, if you tend to spend a lot of time running in and out of the bedroom, or if pets spend the bulk of their time there, you might consider laminate or vinyl plank for your bedroom flooring.

Laminate Flooring - Jefferson Pecan Jefferson Pecan Laminate Waterproof Vinyl Plank - Chesapeake Oak Chesapeake Oak Waterproof Vinyl Plank Engineered Hardwood - Red Oak Natural Red Oak Natural Engineered Hardwood


Remember the Occupant

Whose bedroom is this? This is an important factor to consider. Is the occupant a small child, or an elderly person with a potential for falls? If so a more forgiving surface may be best. Does the occupant suffer from allergies? If so, vinyl plankceramic, or porcelain tile are all terrific options. It's important to think about these details ahead of time so that no problems surface after installation.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bedroom flooring, but don't get discouraged because there is a perfect floor for everyone. The key is determining which factors are important to you and prioritizing your choice around those variables. We try to provide each customer with a clear understanding of what their home flooring project will entail, so that transforming your living area can be a breeze.  

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