Choosing a Floor that is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Choosing a Floor that is Easy to Clean and Maintain

At some point everyone needs to clean the floors in their place of residence or work. It doesn’t matter if the floor is hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or porcelain – eventually it gets dirty and demands attention. Cleaning the floor is a daunting task that many consider tiresome, arduous and labor-some, so if you are considering getting new flooring and also despise cleaning, there are some things you should ask before making that purchase.


1. Look at more than Curb Appeal.

Choose flooring that is easy to maintain and looks good. There are so many varieties of floors to choose from these days. Each variety of flooring is composed of a different material or substrate. This makes the floor more or less susceptible to becoming dirty. It also determines how often the floor should be cleaned and the tools you use to clean the floor. One could include an exhaustive list of floor types that clean well or reflect dirt, but even within floor types, diversity exists in their ability to reflect dirt and grime. Pick a floor that is not only attractive to you and the appearance you are trying to achieve, but that is also easy to maintain based on its composition. Don’t limit your flooring type without first asking your sales associate about the substrates and materials before you buy. Know this information to determine how much cleaning you will be doing.  

2. Determine the Location and Use of the Floor

Before buying a new floor one should also consider the location and use the floor will get. Where is it going to be located? Is it going to be used in a high traffic area? Is water going to be the target of spilled water? Knowing the type of use your floor will be getting helps you determine how much cleaning and maintenance you may or may not have to do in the long run. Preparing for them will make cleaning and maintenance easier later on.  

3. How Much Will it Cost?

Consider the cost of cleaning the floor. A floor could be easy to maintain and reflect dirt very well and still cost a lot to clean. What is the cost of the cleaning chemicals that are required to clean the floor? Are you going to be buying fancy floor oil or shine, or are you going to be buying the generic brand of Lysol? Also ask yourself how much the cleaning tools cost. Can you get away with a mop and broom, or are you going to need to hire professionals with big machines to clean grout on regular basis. As you know, you wouldn’t clean your car with the same tools or products you clean your toilet with. The same holds true for different types of floors.

Before you spend a lot of money on a new floor and commit to a lot of cleaning, educate yourself. Choose a floor that is easy to maintain based on its type, material, and substrates. Determine the location and use the floor will be getting so you can make a purchase that helps you cut down on cleaning. Finally, determine the cost of cleaning the floor by estimating the cost of the cleaning tools and products.    

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