Use Samples and Images Together

Use Samples and Images Together

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Getting flooring samples are an essential part of the floor buying process.  You're about to spend hundreds of dollars on something you'll live with for years.  It's worth the effort to see the actual floor in your actual room with your actual lighting, rather than trusting that your screen is calibrated exactly like the ones we use, or that seeing light glow from a screen is the same as seeing it bounce off a surface.  It's not.

After you've looked at the online images, getting samples allows you to have a clearer idea of what your new floors will look like in your home. 

That's our usual samples message, but sometimes, you should go back.  We occasionally get floors which, instead of being uniform, have a huge variety in looks from plank to plank.  When people order samples, we open a carton of flooring and cut them ourselves for each order.  You're getting the real stuff, and a nice sized piece, too.  And if we see variety, we'll usually toss in an extra sample gratis, maybe two extra, so you can see the range of looks in the same floor.

But take a look at this guy!

This product is long gone by now, but it's a great example.  Look at that variety!  It's crazy.  

What if we sent out  four samples?  Take a look at these:

(Aren't those great pictures?  Just like we cut the samples from the flooring we have on hand, we also use a device to scan the planks ourselves, giving us nice, high quality images, so that our pictures for you are completely accurate.)  

Anyway, just look back at the image above these four and you'll see some missing looks.  I think I counted when we had this in, and it would have taken our sending 10 extra samples to fully get this floor across.  And we really can't do that, or we'll run out of the floor.

So if you do get a set of samples from us, if you ordered one for a certain product, and we sent you two or three for that single product, in that case, once you've looked at the pieces in your space, do go back to the pictures.  Really see what the whole thing really looks like.  

You could have your samples in hand and note, "Okay, I've got one of those, one of thooooose... that one and uhhh ... that one!  But it looks like there are also darker ones, more blended ones, hmm..."

With real samples in combination with the pictures, or by using our  room scene visualizer to see the flooring CGI'd into your own room(!), you can have a solid grasp on how your finished home will look.

Do you have questions about ordering a flooring sample? Our dedicated flooring experts are standing by! Call 1-800-804-5251, or click on to chat!