FAQ: General Questions

FAQ: General Questions

General Questions

  • What should I use to level the subfloor? Any self leveling compound/concrete will be sufficient to level an existing concrete sub-floor. If you have a solid wood sub-floor (plywood, OSB, etc.) you can use a thin sheet of luan to level the entire sub floor.

  • What kind of free padding do you receive with your purchase? When free padding is included with the purchase, it is a Duo Foam Underlayment with a built in moisture barrier, 2mm thick. This product has Lip & Tape for easy installation and is designed for floating floors going over concrete and wood subfloors.

  • How do I measure for flooring? It's very easy! Just take the length of your room and multiply by the width of the room. That = total square feet of the room.

    Example:length of room = 20 feet width of room = 13 feet Total sq ft = 20 x 13 = 260 sq ft

  • What types of floors can be used on cement subfloors? Almost all the flooring we sell at Floors To Your Home can be installed on cement subfloors except 3/4" solid hardwood. You must usually put down a vapor barrier when installing over cement subfloors, except with the waterproof options. Check our website for detailed instructions on your specific products but most laminate, click vinyl and engineered hardwood can be floated over cement subfloors.

  • Why do you advertise FREE SHIPPING and when I go to order you charge me shipping? We offer free shipping to our customers with a minimum purchase of flooring. We have a minimum because the freight companies have minimums. The minimum purchase is displayed on all of the product pages in the gray box under START HERE. In certain cases, if you are located in a remote area where it is difficult for a truck to deliver, a surcharge may apply.

  • I am interested in several of your floors, but noticed that in some of them you have less square feet than I need - is it possible to get more? Our inventory changes with new items arriving every day. Most of our stock is one of a kind inventory (factory closeouts, overstocked merchandise, etc.) but we do restock a good portion of our products though it could be 90-120 day wait time. I would suggest that you call our customer service people, and they can give you specifics on which items will be replenished.

  • I'm looking at the Loose Lay vinyl plank as shown in the video.  Can you tell me the company and who we would contact just in case we need to use the warranty (hope we never have to, but curious)? Good question! With Supreme Click items, you would contact us because it is our brand. For other brand name items such as Armstrong, Mohawk and Shaw, you would also contact us as your first step. Depending on the situation, we might get you in direct in contact with the manufacturer. If it's allowed, we might even be able to take care of the arrangements for you ourselves, but either way, you can start by calling us!

  • Does Floors To Your Home rebrand name floors, re-labeling a different Tarkett line as "Newport" for instance? We do receive a lot of factory overstocks, special runs and discontinued patterns. We do not rebrand the name when we purchase these floors.

  • When ordering the trims, will they be the same color as the flooring I order? If not, how noticeable would it be? We do not carry exact match trims. We can normally get a 80-95% match depending on the product you are ordering. We will match a trim sample swatch to your floor, and if the match is close, we can process your order. If we think the match might not be close, then prior to placing the order we will e-mail you a picture for your confirmation. Since these are shipped factory direct, we cannot refund these trims.

    If you want a perfect match rather than a slight accent with your trim, we also have unfinished trims you can order and stain yourself. You can take them to a paint specialist, such as a Sherwin Williams, along with a piece of the flooring, and they can get you a stain to match.

  • I see that there is free shipping on certain orders. Can you tell me how to qualify? We have free shipping on most products. You just need to order a certain minimum to qualify. We have a minimum because the freight companies have minimums. Each product will list how many cartons we are able to ship free. If you order less, though, we still prorate the shipping. That means that there is not a huge all-or-nothing shift in cost if you only order 19 when the minimum is 20.

  • What's the best type of floor for a basement? Our best answers come in these three posts:

    What is the best flooring for a basement?

    What are the worst floors for a basement?

    How about the best flooring for a Flooding-Prone basement?

  • I'm not sure if I have asbestos in my flooring. What should I do? A question about asbestos in a basement was posed on our blog, and we decided the best thing was to answer it with a full post (click the link).
  • Isn't your flooring from China? As far as where it is made, we purchase finished goods from twelve manufacturers located domestically and worldwide, including Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Switzerland and China.

    If you're asking if we have it shipped to you from China, then definitely not! We ship right from our stock, which is kept in our warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Out average delivery time is 4-6 business days from the date the order is placed. Can't do that from China!

  • Can I get a call from the shipper the day of delivery, to be sure someone is there to receive the floor? Your local freight carrier will call one day ahead to schedule a window of time for your delivery, ranging from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the company. At the time of that call, you can request a call in advance of your specific stop. It's in the driver's best interest as well as yours to coordinate well, so they should be pretty amenable. We recommend that you start by asking for a 1 hour advance call, though the driver may have to go by his stops rather than time on a clock. Consider too that cell phone service may be spotty where the driver is exactly an hour before arriving.

    For more on how deliveries work, we interviewed a driver. ...but the second video on that page is even MORE important.

  • How do you measure the size of a rom in square feet? Simply multiply a rectangular room's length times its width. This will give you the area in square feet. (Adding the measurements of each of the room's length and width sides together will give a measure of the perimeter.)

  • Do you install, or provide installation serivices? Being a national company, we cannot really offer installation services. Outside the Indianapolis area, we recommend contacting your local home store for local installation service referrals, or going online to a site like www.servicemagic.com to obtain bids from installers in your area.

    We can refer installers in the Indianapolis area. If you call our showroom, they can get your floor measurements and answer installation questions for you. The number is 317-472-8888.

  • Can you recommend a good, lasting floor paint that is right for basements? Since we don’t deal in any concrete itself (just the flooring you might lay over it) we don’t want to give you less informed advice than you're after. The consensus of our flooring experts is to have you contact both a concrete and a paint specialist, and compare their advice to get the best possible answer.

  • Will there be any coupons or special flooring in your newsletter? We do not currently put coupons into our emails. Everything on our web site is already priced at a big discount, and our sales are usually site-wide. When we discount any products even further, we put them in our special Close-Outs section

    Since a lot of what we get in is overstock, or factory close-outs, and since material arrives on no particular schedule, most who subscribe to our newsletter do so to be notified when we get in new products or stock.

  • If you list a product in stock at 900 sqft., and I need 1500 sqft., how long does it take to receive the difference? Everything we have on hand sell is listed on our web site. Inventory updates daily. Some products we purchase are factory overstocks or discontinued lines, and will not be coming back at all, so to be safe you should pick from stock that has at least 1500 sq ft in stock. You are also very welcome to call us at 800-804-5251, and we can try to find out if a particular floor will be restocked, though finding out when may still be difficult.

  • Do you have all your floors on display in your showroom or store? We have one retail store located near our distribution center in Indianapolis. You'll find it at 4640 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, IN. The store displays most all of our floors, but please call the store to inquire if a specific floor that you want to see is on display. The telephone number is 317-472-8888.

  • How long will the ______ be on sale? How long will the sale last? Our sales usually last a few days, maybe 3 to 4, though the owner has extended them before. We typically always have some sale in effect, so if one ends the next may still apply to your floor.

    You can also lock in a price on any sale item for fourteen days by going to the product page of an individual floor and clicking on the gray box "Lock in this price" in the upper right corner of page. Or you can order a sample of the flooring by clicking on the yellow box "Order a sample," and this will also extend the sale price for fourteen days.

  • Do you offer a military discount? Unfortunately, we do not offer a military discount, nor any discounts based on types of people or service. Our approach is to discount all of our floors to the lowest possible price for everyone. In order to have an additional kind of discount, we would basically have to raise the prices for others first and leave the rest where they are now.

  • How do I measure the square footage for a staircase? 

    1. Measure the length and width of each stair step in inches and multiply them. This will give you the total square inches for 1 step.

    2. Multiply this result by the total number of stairs. This gives total square inches for your whole staircase, if your steps are uniform in size. 3. Divide the grand total by 144 to determine the square footage of your staircase. The riser proportion of your stairs can be measured by multiplying the width times the hieight using the same method.

  • What are your showroom hours in Indianapolis today? Hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday. We are not open on Sunday.

  • Our previous basement floor separated and water seeped through the seams, coming up through the cement floor. What can we do/use to make our basement floor look nice? No floor covering will stop a cement water issue from occurring. Your best bets are going to be floors that 'float', rather than any that are glued or nailed down.

    Here are some more detailed pieces on the types of flooring you might find would work best:

    Best Flooring For A Flooding-Prone Basement

    Two 100% Waterproof Floors!

    A Brand New Kind of Vinyl Floor? Loose Lay Wateproof Vinyl Planks!

    Tips and Video on Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring (Floating)

    Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring

  • What is 'curbside delivery'? Curbside delivery means that the shipper will take the material off the truck for you and put it curbside (or where ever is easiest for them without crossing a threshold i.e a garage door).

    For more details, our blog post on receiving large deliveries has an interview with a driver explaining the whole process, and another from us about what you should do when your material arrives.

  • Do you have reviews on your site? Yes, we have customer reviews on our site (just click that link)!

  • What percentage of flooring should be ordered to account for "waste"?   The ''waste'' comes from cut pieces at the ends of rows, and any damage done during installation. It is always better to have a little extra in case it is needed.

    We recommend a 10% waste factor first quality material, and 20% for laminate seconds or cabin grade hardwood.

  • What kind of flooring can be used in a basement that might flood? Your best bet would be a Loose Lay Vinyl Plank product. A close second would be a Click Together Vinyl Plank. We sell 100% waterproof Vinyl Plank Floors here, which makes either a good choice. The reason we would put Loose Lay higher is that it is so easy to take it up and put it back down. Rather than un-clicking from a wall to the affected area, you can just pop the planks you need up, take care of the water issue, dry the planks off (a paper towel will do!) and put them right back down. Q.E.D.

  • Our basement is graded toward a drain. What would be best on graded floors or those with uneven spots? Almost all flooring has very little tolerance for any unlevelness. To be very general, over a 6 foot span the subfloor's grade deviation needs to be less than 1/16? to 1/8?. Most rigid flooring will clatter about, and any locking systems could disengage. Even a more pliable vinyl plank with a click together system could disconnect as you walk over the low spot.

    Your best bet would be a Loose Lay Vinyl Plank floor. Since they lay in place, there is nothing to disconnect. Additionally, you can secure some of the planks where the slope happens with an adhesive. Now, installing over an unrecommended slope will void any warranty that specifies a certain amount of levelness. But that doesn't mean that this won't work.

  • We were told that a certain floor doesn’t require a subfloor. Does that sound feasible? It does not sound feasible! Every floor you walk on has a subfloor made of wood or concrete under it.

    It's possible your people meant that you don't need an additional subloor. This can come up if you have a concrete subfloor, and a nail-down floor covering to go over it, or if it is your way of handling an uneven subfloor. But yes, every floor has a subfloor. Otherwise you'd fall right through it.

  • What should I do if I am told there may be asbestos tiling under the floor I want to recover? If you think you might have it, treat the situation as if you do have it until it is proven otherwise. Our blog has a post on Asbestos in the Basement that has tips and some pretty solid links, as well as a Guest Piece about Risks of Contacting Hazardous Materials During Home Renovations. Do look at those.

  • Do you have financing avalable? We do have financing available at our store location in Indianapolis, IN, for orders that are placed in person. For online orders we do not yet have that capability, though you can use the extended payment option(s) within Paypal since we accept PayPal transactions.

  • Where are you located? Our warehouse, from which we ship all of our in stock flooring, is at

    6555 Guion Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 (800) 804-5251

  • Are your floors USA made? Since we carry overstocks, closeouts, and take advantage of special deals from manufacturers, we carry flooring from the USA as well as all over the world. We try to keep in some name brand floors such as Mohawk from Georgia and Armstrong from Pennsylvania. We also regularly carry floors from Switzerland and Germany, such as Kronoswiss and Pergo. In addition we get special one time only deals on flooring that could be made anywhere. All of our floors, wherever they originate, meet America's manufacturing standards, but if you want to know about any specific floor or brand just call us or open up a chat. We will always answer any questions you have about any floor we carry.
  • Do you ship to APO? Effectively we do not. We can get basic mail to an APO, such as our samples, but we cannot ship our pallets of flooring there - and that would be the reason to buy samples in the first place, to check out a floor you might buy.

  • If it is discontiued flooring how do I get replacements in the future if needed? I'll give the tough answer first - you might not be able to. It's almost always the case that when *we* run out, we never see some products again. Also, even if we do have it in and need to send you some, say just a carton or two, it can be very expensive to get to your door. Single cartons of flooring go UPS Ground, not via our regular trucks, and on average cost $50 just for shipping - more than the flooring! The best things to do are to measure well, and then order what you need plus the recommended percentage of overage for that floor type, so that it gets to you at a reasonable cost.

    But! If you're stuck, and we're out, then you can search online for your floor from another outlet. Usually the first four letters of the product code from us are ours, for our inventory system, and the remainder at the end are the original product code, or a good part of it. If you search for that part of the code plus the word 'hardwood' or 'flooring', it should pop up if someone else carries it. You can also call us if the search is proving fruitless. We'll tell you as much as we can about the product so you can find more of it. You can also comparison shop this way - which we recommend!

  • When shipped to home, do you unload the skids off the truck? Yes. The driver will unload the skid, and leave it at the destination. The customer is not required to get the skid off the truck.

  • Do you have finance options? https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/special-financing.html