First Time Shopper

Read below to learn what makes Floors To Your Home different & get a special offer!

Hello, my name is Dan Kahn and I am President and Co-Owner of Floors To Your Home. First, I would like to say thank you for giving my company an opportunity to earn your business and to explain who we are and how we operate our business.

I understand that making an expensive decision to purchase flooring can sometimes be confusing.  It even gets more difficult when the website you are shopping is not one you are familiar with, and you’re not sure if your personal information will be secure, or you may have doubts about whether you will receive the exact merchandise that you ordered.

I want to personally assure you and put your mind at ease on all of these issues.  My company was founded on the highest ethical principles by my grandfather in 1921.  After my grandfather died in 1948, my father took over until he retired in 1986.  Since then my brother Marshall and I, along with the fourth generation of family members Brian and Jeff Kahn, have kept the strong traditions of honesty, excellence in customer service, and always having the lowest prices for the highest quality flooring in place for future generations to come.

How Do We Sell at Much Lower Prices than Our Competitors?

Are you familiar with clothing or shoe outlet stores that sell closeout brand name merchandise at huge discount prices compared to the big national department stores?  Well we are just like those outlet clothing and shoe stores, but we sell flooring!

Our business model has always been to buy first quality discontinued and closeout flooring from some of the top name brand manufacturers in the flooring industry.  We are able to pay a fraction of the normal retail cost, therefore we are able to pass the 50-75% savings on to you! 

Many of the big home centers that sell flooring throughout the country have arrangements with manufacturers that allow them to return merchandise anytime they feel like it.  When this happens we are first on the call list to “buy back” this merchandise.  We buy it all, truckload after truckload, and we take it all into our huge warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Very few of our competitors have our buying power and our storage space, so we are able to offer a huge, in stock selection at unheard of low prices.  It’s really that simple.

Sometimes we are also able to buy factory seconds from the same manufacturers.  This type of merchandise offers certain customers the ability to get a high quality floor at a fraction of the regular price.

We also have our own Supreme Click brand of flooring.  These products are manufactured under the strict specification guidelines that we have in place.  A majority of this flooring is manufactured in the same factories as the major name brands in the flooring industry.  Since we use the factories excess time to manufacture our own brand name, you get the same quality at a fraction of the price!

How Do We Offer Fast, Free & Reliable Delivery?  Click here for a virtual tour of our warehouse!

We are different from our competition because we own and warehouse 99% of all the products you see displayed on our website.  We are able to ship the next day on almost 99% of all of our orders.  Don’t be fooled, most of our competitors don’t own a single box of flooring.  Once you place an order with them, they in turn place the order with a third party supplier.  This method delays the shipment up to 2-3 weeks or more sometimes, whereas with our system we can ship immediately and you can expect your flooring within days of placing your order.  Because we have negotiated some of the best shipping rates in the country on our flooring, we are able to offer free shipping on most of our products with a very reasonable quantity minimum.

We also are known for the most accurate and reliable shipping in our industry.  We take a lot of time and care to package and protect your flooring from shipping damage.  We double and triple check before any flooring is shipped out for complete, 100% accuracy.  We will personally call you on the telephone to let you know that your flooring has shipped that day, and when you can expect delivery.

We will also email you your shipping tracking number so you can keep track of your order all the way until delivery to your home.

What Happens When You Need More Flooring Than What We Show In Stock?

Is there a downside to doing business this way? Maybe! With many of our offers, once we run out we may never get to bring them back in. That’s the business of buying closeout and discontinued merchandise. We always try to keep similar products around in case you fall in love with a particular floor that is really selling well. So when it’s gone, it’s gone, but when it’s here it really is here! We pride ourselves on not being pushy salespeople but here is some good advice, if you see a floor that you love, you may want to buy it before someone else does!

Why Should You Trust Us?

We are proud to say that since 1921 our family and our employees have been known to have the highest ethical standards, and have treated our customers with the highest level of customer service.

We survey our customers and we consistently score the highest marks in customer service.  I encourage you to read our customer reviews through the link at the top of every page, you can be assured that these reviews are 100% real and unedited.  We also take pride in our Better Business Bureau A+ Rating along with our Angie’s List Super Service Award.

You can also feel confident and safe that if you call us over the phone to pay with your credit card, your confidential information will be destroyed immediately after it is entered into our payment system.

How Are Samples Handled?

We encourage all of our customers to buy a sample before they purchase their flooring.    Every flooring image that you see displayed on our website is physically scanned and photographed in our studio by our expert photographer.  We created a room scene designer so you can see the flooring of your choice in a room of your choice.  We invite you to use this fun and useful tool since most of our competitors can’t offer this service.

But as much as we’ve done to make sure that you can see your selections in such detail, nothing compares to holding a nice, 8” to 9” piece of the actual flooring, cut by us from the very stock you’re considering, in your home to see how it looks with your décor and in your own lighting conditions.

If You have Questions, Who can you Speak To?

Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-804-5251 anytime during our normal business hours.  Our  flooring experts have years of experience, and they can help you with any question you may have.  They can help you pick the right floor for the right environment, or they can help with advice on installation.

We also have online chat capabilities, so you can chat with one of our flooring experts if you don’t feel like talking over the phone.  Just click on the green button on the top right of the website during normal business hours.

What Are Your  Normal Business Hours?

Monday thru Friday                     8:00 am – 9:00 pm  EST

Saturday                                       10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

Sunday                                         We’re closed, but you can leave us a message which will be returned the next business day, and you can always shop online

I sincerely hope that this explanation of our business model has helped you feel more comfortable with doing business with my company.  I want to take one last opportunity to say thank you for your time, and hopefully for your trust.  You have my personal promise that you will love your new floors -  we won’t let you down!