What's So Great About Luxury Vinyl?

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Show of hands here, friends…who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury in their lives? When it comes to flooring, luxury is frequently associated with exotic solid hardwoods (link) like ebony and mah … read more

Do or Don't: Vinyl Flooring

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DO: Sweep and vacuum regularly. A little bit of daily maintenance keeps things nice and clean, and prevents allergens like dust and pet dander from building up.  "Cute doesn't clean up after … read more

How Is Vinyl Flooring Made?

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Welcome to the first in our new blog series, “ How Is That Flooring Made?” First up: Vinyl!   What Is It? Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin along with various additiv … read more

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring

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It's an important distinction. Waterproof is a big word. There is no wiggle room with that word. For the floor that says this word, it means "Water won't affect me - at all. Full stop." To illu … read more

Black Friday Deals All Week Long!

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Pssst…Black Friday is coming up! Since it’s hard to get decent internet when you’re living under a rock, I’m going to assume that yes, you know Black Friday is on its way. But. But. Did you know our g … read more
Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

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We want Floors To Your Home to be easy to shop with. That’s one of the reasons we keep our flooring in stock, rather than ordering it from someone else after you make your choice with us. … read more

Luxury Sheet Vinyl: New For July 2015!

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What’s new at Floors To Your Home? Well, friends, it’s sheet vinyl! Say whaaat? I know, I know. Sheet vinyl has gotten something of a bad rap over the years, but this isn’t the spon … read more

Choosing The Best Floor For Your Pets

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At Floors To Your Home HQ many of us are pet owners. We have cats, dogs, fish, and one of our customer service people used to have a skunk. More than 83 million households in America have a pe … read more

Green Cleaning For Floors

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There’s never been a more critical time to be environmentally conscious. With a skyrocketing global population, rising temperatures, and increased pollution, every small step towards reversing our … read more