4 Things You Need To Know About Floor Pad

Posted on Dec 12th 2016 Posted by Meredith — Comments ↓

We talk a lot on this blog about how important it is to do your research. Trust me on this one: the headaches of research now are worth their weight in migraine prevention gold later. Lost in the m … read more

Does Your New Floor Need Accessories?

Posted on Jan 20th 2016 Posted by Meredith — Comments ↓

What a long, strange trip it’s been: you’ve done your research, decided on a material, set your heart on a color, and then, oh, and then…you bought It. Your perfect floor, from Floors To Your Home, … read more

Floor Padding: When Do You Need It?

Posted on May 3rd 2014 Posted by Sammy — Comments ↓

Underlayment is a term used for the padding placed below a floor. Underlayments serve as protection against moisture, they absorb sound, and they decrease subfloor imperfections. The padding is commo … read more

Is My New Floor Board Warped?

Posted on Feb 18th 2013 Posted by David — Comments ↓

A quick answer to a quick question. Some find a slight curvature of their boards as they lay them on the floor, and worry that the plank is warped. Here, Adam demonstrates whether they are warped … read more