Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Flooring

Posted on Dec 26th 2015 Posted by David — Comments ↓

It's an important distinction. Waterproof is a big word. There is no wiggle room with that word. For the floor that says this word, it means "Water won't affect me - at all. Full stop." To illu … read more
Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

Beginner's Guide to Floor Samples

Posted on Oct 23rd 2015 Posted by David — Comments ↓

We want Floors To Your Home to be easy to shop with. That’s one of the reasons we keep our flooring in stock, rather than ordering it from someone else after you make your choice with us. … read more

What is a "Bullnose"?

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I needed a mattress. I had been sleeping on layers of comforters folded in half to resemble a mattress shape, and the old tip that sleeping on the floor is good for a person's back was proving to … read more

Our New Video Series: DON'T DO THIS!

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We're going to be doing some fun and interesting videos in the near future, called "DON'T DO THIS!" because the things we're going to film? You shouldn't do them. Basically, these will be stress tes … read more

Hardwood Floors vs. Vinyl Plank Floors

Posted on Jun 24th 2014 Posted by David — Comments ↓

Really, those two? Usually we're comparing either of them to laminate flooring, not each other. This topic was suggested by friends of ours, and I'm glad they did, as it might never have occurred … read more

Wood Laminate Flooring Looks So Real!

Posted on Jun 10th 2014 Posted by David — Comments ↓

Frank started this post 2 years ago, then our blog sort of... died! Now that it's alive again, I found this in the Pending Posts Archive, and thought Frank's last few entries should be given some … read more