Our "Win a Free Vinyl Floor!" Facebook Contest Ends This Weekend

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by David — Comments ↓

[caption id="attachment_2750" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Look, Ma, Arrows!"]Look, Ma, Arrows![/caption]

Our Free Vinyl Floor Contest continues through midnight this Sunday. It's easy to enter, so don't miss it! Just go to the link in the previous sentence. You'll see great, big arrows showing you what to do. Easy! Then think about what kind of floor you might choose from our variety of LVT floors!


Right now we're big on Supreme Click's Elite Rustic Bonanza Oak and Ponderosa Pine Waterproof Vinyl Plank Floors. (Why am I suddenly thinking of Lorne Greene?)

[caption id="attachment_2784" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="Bonanza Oak"]Bonanza Oak[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2785" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Ponderosa Pine"]Ponderosa Pine[/caption]

You can also pick from our newest products, the Tuff Guy Freedom Loose Lay Vinyl Planks.

[caption id="attachment_2788" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="This is Old Rustic Cypress"]This is "Old Rustic Cypress"[/caption]


We also have, for a limited time, some vinyl from Mannington!


Last week I put videos about the different kinds of vinyl flooring we carry in a post promoting the contest (click 'videos' back there). If you're not sure what the different kinds of vinyl flooring are, differing mostly by how they are installed, check those. You'll get a really good grasp on it, and it will be much easier to select the kind of floor you'll want to choose.

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