Google's Star Wars and More Fun

Posted on Apr 28th 2022 by David — Comments ↓

It's making the rounds. If you do it exactly right, this is pretty fun. Copy the following and paste it into a Google search.

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

I say copy because it has to be exactly right. No commas, two 'far's, all of it just right or it won't work. You can also just click it to see the results, but that's not as fun.  

Pleasant Time Passers

So while you're waiting in line at 4am in the freezing cold on Black Friday so you can buy a $2,000 tv for $599 (in which case I'll be right behind you in that same line), have some fun with these other Google gimmicks (Easter Eggs, for the cognoscente):

In the Google search bar, type the phrase, "do a barrel roll".

Or, in a fresh Google window, search for the word, "askew".

You can search Google in Klingon, and find all those Shakespeare quotes in their original language. Finally.

Type "zerg rush". Wheee! The O's can be destroyed with a few clicks each, otherwise they'll eat up all of your search results and win. It's got progress bars and everything! A fully playable game, like when they put Pac Man up as one of their Doodles.

Speaking of those, if you open a fresh Google window and hover over the "I'm feeling lucky" bar, it will rotate to a variants on how you might feel. Hover off and back, and it will select another. If you click the 'doodley' version without any search text, you'll be taken to their museum of all of the doodles, and any variations on the Google logo.

Google stuff

More searches? Paste in the answer to life, the universe and everything. Or have it look for the number of horns on a unicorn. It's the loneliest number. For assurance, they provide a calculator.

Google's "is this what you meant?" things can be funny too. Try searching the word anagram. Or have it look up recursion. Their suggestion and definition are both good.

One of Google's early April Fool's jokes is still intact, and fun to go through.

  These aren't on the Google site itself, but check them out anyway.

Google Anti-gravity (Click it, then hit 'refresh'. Not sure why that's necessary, but it seems to be.)

Google Sphere

elgooG (You should know what to expect here.)

Fun. Hoo-ahh.

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