People love the look of an authentic wood floor, but still want more durability, a greater ability to handle moisture, an even easier installation, or just a great looking floor that they can budget! Laminate flooring does all of these. It recreates the charm and warmth of natural wood or stone, while being able to handle moisture and resist scratches better than hardwood, all at a lower cost. That's why we love selling it. It's why so many of our customers buy it. And they buy flooring from us not just because we are able to discount flooring to make it very affordable, but because we also offer wide variety of quality styles.
With almost 3 dimensional wood looks, laminate floors can be indistinguishable from the elegance of even the best hardwood, and some have distressed textures for a realistic feel as well. There are even styles of laminate that recreate the romantic visual effect of natural stone with amazing authenticity, at less than half the cost of ceramic tile. At Floors To Your Home you can find prices far below those of your local flooring shop, and still get premium décor. Laminate flooring is fashioned for high style, whether your tastes run to the exotic, modern or traditional. In our catalog you will find laminate floors with smooth surfaces that have a nice sheen, hand-scraped textured surfaces that can give your space a rustic look, and a range of wide to very narrow plank styles.

But laminate flooring is also designed for performance. The technologies behind the wear resistant top layer render it durable enough for the whole family. It’s scuff resistant. It’s scratch resistant. It’s stain resistant. Spills like red wine, black oil, even tar – most of our laminates can handle all of these! Laminate floors are much more moisture resistant than actual wood floors, and most can be safely installed on a bathroom floor, or other areas prone to humidity or getting wet. Compared with wood planks, laminates can be a breeze to maintain. They clean with a dry mop, and spills are no problem if they are quickly wiped up. Choosing affordable laminate flooring over expensive carpet will provide major benefits to pet-owners, for whom odors and hair can pose challenges

While a lot of hardwood floor products require professional installation, laminate floor planks are designed to be easy to install, especially for the do-it-yourself homeowner, using a couple of very similar, glueless, "click together” installation systems. Unlike linoleum, which must be stuck down to your floor, Laminates are “floating floors”, which means that they are not glued down to the subfloor. This makes it easier to install a floor over an existing one, and since you do not need to wait for any adhesives to dry, you can plan to enjoy your newly installed flooring immediately. The boards can be easily cut to fit your rooms using standard wood working tools, and many come with an attached underlayment to improve walking comfort as well as sound transmission through your home.
Laminate is 20 times stronger than formica, and is available in several thicknesses, all thicker than linoleum. It’s just the most sensible option for many buyers. Also, in recent years, with eco-friendly products in higher demand, mosty laminates are made out of recycled, natural materials to promote greener living. Thank you for coming, welcome to Floors To Your Home's laminate section, and we hope you enjoy shopping here! If we can help with your floor plans, please call us! Collapse ^
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