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What is a "Bullnose"?

What is a "Bullnose"?

I needed a mattress. I had been sleeping on layers of comforters folded in half to resemble a mattress shape, and the old tip that sleeping on the floor is good for a person's back was proving to be anything but true. Previous mattresses had self-destructed pretty quickly, so this time I wanted to do my research and find a good, comfy, bed that would last. I logged into my Consumer Reports account and searched for mattresses. What I found was an article from them all but saying, "On this topic, we can be of little help." They actually had a bit more than that, but I definitely wasn't going to get my trusted red and black circles giving me any sense of "This brand does this well, that one less so, but they're good in this other area…" like I can with just about anything else they've evaluated. It has to do with multiple manufacturers making overlapping products for overlapping distributors with overlapping names, and the basic inability to be specific about exactly which mattress is being tested.

Definitionally, the bullnose is our mattress. The topic is a mess: What is a bullnose? It is used in everything from heavy, outdoor construction to meticulous furniture design. In the flooring industry alone, the word is used for laminate step noses, ceramic versions of baseboards, decorative wood pieces and many more items. It's ceramic, it's wood, it's thin and round, it's wide and flat - it's just an overused term for many, very specific things! When I looked "bullnose" up online to see what kinds of results people would get, I found no less than 7 very different shapes and kinds of trim.

[caption id="attachment_1479" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Some wood, some ceramic, some 8 feet long, some 8 inches long . . . all called \"Bullnose\"."]Some wood, some ceramic, some 8 feet long, some 8 inches long . . . all called "Bullnose".[/caption]

In our growing Flooring Resource Center at our discount flooring site, I've tried to give a some advice on how to properly shop for a bullnose, so that you can actually get what you really want. Click "Trim", then the "Bullnose?" subcategory, check it out, and then try out some of our even more informative pages. It's still "in beta", if you will, so you're getting a sneak peak. Please feel free to come back leave us any comments you have about it, positive or negative. We're already likely to make changes, and your input will be the best input we can get!

* I'll have a proper post going up this weekend, but as this is a topic of some curiosity, I wanted to point out the entry I just put up on our main Resource area.

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