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    Product Overview

    MataFloor™ is enhanced with XSR™ extra scratch resistant coating. This innovative  XSR™ surface, provides our MataFloor planks the protection to withstand the test of life and time. The highlight of this flooring is not needing to stress about pets or furniture scratching up your flooring.

    Ideal for kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms, any location where moisture may be a concern, this flooring can be installed. Have an accidental spill? No issues when you have Homestead Flooring because it is 100% waterproof. Waterproof and durable, Homestead Flooring is an excellent choice for your family and your home.

    With a high tolerance for abrasion this flooring will stands up to heavy any kind of traffic. MataFloor Flooring is also highly resistant to scuffs and stains. Rubber soled shoes or strollers wheels that could leave possible scuffs are nothing to fuss about, a non-abrasive cleaner and some elbow grease takes the scuff right out. Thorough testing showed pen and sharpie stains buffed right off the planks.

    With a Unilin ® Locking system this flooring is a breeze to install. Whether you decide to hire an installer or install the MataFloor flooring yourself it only requires a few regular household tools to complete the project. A pre-attached iXPE pad on the bottom of our flooring allows for comfort under foot and sound absorption.

    MataFloor is Floorscore® Certified and Formaldehyde Free which means it meets California Air Resource Board Requirements.

    Advanced Products DO

    The flooring market is continually evolving and creating products with the consumer in mind. With that said, flooring manufacturers are starting to combine the technology in laminate flooring and vinyl to create floors with waterproof capabilities mixed with the AC rated aluminum oxide coating. This coating is used to prevent stains, UV fading, denting and scratching.

    Products such as Mata Floor is a waterproof floor with an AC4 rating. Most of these floors will be labeled as a hybrid or specialty vinyl floor.

    Wear Layer vs. AC Rating

    Vinyl and laminate flooring are both known for their durability, however, there are some major differences between the two finishing coats. A vinyl floor is typically a softer material that is coated with a urethane based coating, which is susceptible to UV fading, chemical stains and denting. When it comes to an AC rated laminate floor, this is a much harder surface that gets cured with an aluminum oxide coating. This prevents fading, scratching, staining and denting. Although both layers will stand the test of time, an aluminum oxide coating is a better option for all-around durability.


    With both AC rating and wear layer, the higher the number, the higher the durability. AC4 and above is a commercially rated product, as well as a .15mm or higher wear layer.




    • Incredible Price - 8" Wide x 48" Long - 7mm Thickness - AC4 Wear Layer
    • Free Shipping - 25 Carton Minimum Purchase
    • Attached Pad Underlayment For Added Noise Reduction & Warmth
    • Pet Proof - Kid Proof - Perfectly Made for the Active Family
    • Close Out Excess Inventory - 1 Year Structural warranty
    Warranty Information
    1 Year Structural Warranty - otherwise sold as is
    You may encounter a few planks that have curl on the ends-over 90% of your material will be First Quality
    Warranty Information
    1 Year Structural Warranty - otherwise sold as is
    You may encounter a few planks that have curl on the ends-over 90% of your material will be First Quality